Is Nasir el-Rufai among the prophets?

Without a doubt, there is a need to fix Nigeria or allow it to disintegrate if nothing is done. The unity and peace of Nigeria are negotiable, and we must resolve all issues, including the ravaging security problems, before it is too late.

It is not out of place to blame the founding fathers for uniting a country that could have done better if the constituents had been allowed to mature at their respective pace. No doubt there are advantages to diversity and having a big nation. But what we have produced from our diversity is scary. We need prophets to re-amalgamate Nigeria for peace, unity, and progress.

Imagine if Malaysia and Singapore have merged and are in a comatose state like Nigeria. Imagine if Azikwe had listened to Awolowo. We would be talking of the amalgamation of an agriculturally strong Northern Nigeria with a vastly educated and developed Southern Nigeria by now.

Unfortunately, the domination of resources and power is not beneficial to most people. The authority has been of benefit to only a few oligarchies. The people are suffering more, even with their tribesmen in authority

Be it as it may, the need to live together as one big family of diverse people is more paramount than in our past. We have been unlucky with our leaders and the politics of religion and ethnicity they have played to divide us to their beneficial advantage.

Unity and peace are possible. If Rwanda can achieve it, Nigeria can also be a place to be proud of.

We need prophets who will rebuild our nation. We need prophets of justice, equity, and equality to make all Nigerians feel at home and not second-class citizens in their country. We want leaders who will know that the continuation of the domination of the cabals, be it in the north or south, will cause more kiosks for the country.

The ‘mumu’ of the southern people is over, and their eyes are more open than before. Undoubtedly, the military has damaged Nigeria’s unity with their guns. I have positioned the prophets to lead Nigeria’s peaceful resolution, and unification should be northerners.

The logic is simple. Northern Nigeria has benefited more from the inequality in the present federal arrangements. It is the north that needs to make more sacrifices to ensure the unity of Nigeria. Our unity is a mirage without justice.

The recent declaration of the 13 northern APC governors for a power shift to the south was the right decision to assure justice and equity. The governors are futuristic. No one region can dominate another till perpetuity.

Everywhere in the world, with civil wars and separations of united entities have witnessed injustice in power-sharing and domination. The principal cause of the disintegration of nations for lack of equity and inequality among the federating nations. No ethnicity or religion can dominate another forever.

I see the APC governors as prophets of justice, equity and equality for a united Nigeria. You cannot claim to be born to rule over a section of the country that produces the resources.

Unfortunately, the domination of resources and power is not beneficial to most people. The authority has been of benefit to only a few oligarchies. The people are suffering more, even with their tribesmen in authority.

We need leaders who know the truth, speak the truth and demand justice irrespective of religion or ethnic affiliation.

The APC governors had put Nigeria’s interest ahead of the northern agenda. The northern agenda cannot unite Nigeria, and it is time we have the Nigeria agenda.

The decision to cede power to the south is equivalent to the quota system introduced to favour the north to the detriment of others.

The APC governors’ decision to have Bola Tinubu as their party’s flag bearer in the 2023 presidential election is in line with the federal character for equity’s sake.

I have friends in the north, and I know many intelligent people of northern extraction that are top-notched leaders. However, ensuring everyone sees Nigeria as theirs is key to rebuilding our country.

Unfortunately, the leadership of Buhari has been adjudged to have done more damage to our unity than it met it. This is clear with the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob that wanted Ahmed Lawan as the APC’s presidential flag-bearer. Things would have become tense except for the prophets of justice who are in the clothes of the 13 northern governors of the APC.

Is Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai among the prophets?

El-Rufai behaved differently from the norms since he was elected the governor of Kaduna State. I do not intend to eulogise Nasir, but it is good to show a glimpse of light in an overstock of darkness.

It is usual for a first-term governor to tread carefully in decision making not to jeopardise his chances to stay in power for the second term. El-Rufai, in his first term as a governor, sacked over 23,000 teachers for lacking quality.

This decision threatens his chances of getting a second term in office. Most of the sacked teachers are stooges of the local political godfathers. He did the right thing in the interest of his people. Ahead of this period, Nasir had positioned the power shift to the south for equity and equality’s sake.

I am not surprised because the accidental public servant is well educated not in terms of degrees but in mindset. He knew Nigeria is better together but not in a forced or false marriage of convenience.

He was a lone voice for the equitable distribution of resources. He had once said he didn’t mind the states controlling their resources as it is being done in a true federation.

Nasir was also an arrowhead in advocating for the declaration of the kidnappers as terrorists for the military to eliminate them. He didn’t show any religious or ethnic sympathy.

What is terrible is wrong irrespective of religion or ethnic affiliation. He wants the bandits to be eliminated for peace to reign supreme and breed development. Nasir is a short man with wisdom.

He can see doom in how we put religion and ethnic affiliation ahead of uncommon senses. He was outspoken in his support for the eradication of the Almajiri system and started the riot.

El-Rufai began the riot by evacuating the Almajiri children to their states of origin. That was a replica of what Raji Fashola did when he was Lagos State governor. It is called responsible leadership to make people account for the population they created.

El-Rufai, though appearing to be double-sided, is a man that acted in fairness when required. His state, without mincing words, is overpowered by the incessant killings of innocent people in Southern Kaduna. He is, however, someone who has shown the need to integrate Nigerians on the platform of justice that breeds peace and unity.

Is El-Rufai among the prophets?

Nasir’s support for Lamido Sanusi was unparalleled. I wrote about Sanusi Lamido Sanusi when he was dethroned. He is a mismatch of talent and opportunity.

To El-Rufai, there is a blessing (skill) in the dethroned emir, and that talent will be helpful for the people of Kaduna State.

Hence, the appointment of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the Chancellor of Kaduna State University. A prophet will always see the good in people irrespective of their mistakes and condemnation.

I knew Nasir was likely to be a midfielder in the game that got the support of the 13 northern governors behind a southern candidate, and that would be Tinubu.

El-Rufai was seen posing for a picture with Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu when the riot starter, Akpabio, stepped down for Tinubu. Before then, it was doubtful if El-Rufai would ever queue behind Tinubu, judging by his controversial comments about Lagos being gullible to allow godfather.

One would think Nasir will never support Asiwaju. There are solid reasons for the APC governor not to queue behind Asiwaju being a Muslim for them to avert the controversy of searching for a Christian northerner as it is now.

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If the governors had been self-centred, they would have supported Osinbajo for one of them to have been nominated as a Muslim vice-presidential aspirant. In my opinion, the APC governors put Asiwaju’s dexterity, competence and what Nigeria needs ahead of their religion and self-interests.

I love the third forces and options of Obi and Kwankwaso, but the race is between Atiku and Tinubu. Again, in my opinion, El-Rufai’s support for Tinubu would have averted internal division that would have worked against Tinubu and possibly Nigeria.

If you doubt me, you are overestimating the reasoning of the voters, who are uneducated and not exposed to make an informed decision beyond what the cabal is telling them.

Unfortunately, their votes will come from Kano and the likes. The block votes will mainly come from the north and, as it has been, QED. At the same time, those with philosophies, especially in the south, will sit at home or on social media analysing candidates and elections with big grammar.

In conclusion, we need more of the prophet, the philosophical El-Rufai, who knows that there will be a disintegration date in Nigeria without justice and peace.

We need more prophets to advance Nigeria and correct the mistakes of the founding fathers, whose names and legacies are fast fading due to the lopsided structure that breeds injustice.

We need leaders loyal to Nigeria and not to a regional agenda. We need leaders who will not defend the killing of innocent farmers because of cows and who will be fair in appointments and the distribution of amenities across the country.

We want leaders who can return Nigeria to a peaceful track where an Igbo man will live in Borno and practice his religion without harassment. We want a Nigeria where the east belongs to the Hausas and no harassment by those agitating for succession because of inequality.

We want more of the prophet El-Rufai with a Nigeria agenda, not a northern or southern agenda.

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