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‘Cororeflections’, COVID colours and protocols

Once the Abuja and Lagos lockdowns on account of the Coronavirus began, I knew we all had to become creative in the way in which we lived with each other or even tolerated each other’s shenanigans. It’s amazing how a big space becomes smaller when you are all forced to stay together even though you have always stayed together. Thing is, some of us go to work and children go to school. So, it is understandable when you are beginning to think you should loan your son who now thinks he is Tarzan to the neighbours. You are at your wits end when your four-year-old thinks he is a tank engine making unintelligible sounds in the middle of your trying to get some work done and after his 6th soft drink.

Grr… I know although I have no four-year olds now, I know the feeling. So, on the second day of the lockdown, I thought to put some inspiring daily thoughts down in a new coinage of mine titled “Cororeflections”. These are nuggets to help us all carry on to be found on my daily WhatsApp posts.

So, we start today’s column with a few of these reflections. The first post pretty much stayed with true reflection. This is the time for deep thinking. The time to be kind to each other. The time to learn about yourself. What are you doing all the time to offend another? Time to change your ways. Be grateful for your children. Be thankful for your Parents.

On the second Cororeflection, I focussed on cooking being cathartic. “Cooking encourages community and bonding and opens love’s doors. Wear your Chef hat and get into the kitchen. No, it does not have to be mummy. It can be daddy or even a brother. Try out many things. Feed your family. Surprise them. Watch the smiles grow.” The feedbacks have been awesome. In fact, to the cooking one someone who lives alone felt she had been excluded. My reply was that she experiments. If she does not have a cookery book, she should google recipes. And show us online what she had cooked and let us all reward her with our admiration. The following day, she was sharing a restaurant worthy menu. We can make the lockdown count.

My third Cororeflections was on forgiveness. “So, you are still angry with Mama Kemi? It was two years ago. Let it go. Call her today. Mama Kemi, be remorseful. Forgiveness is true humanity. Everything else is a scam.” Indeed, Nigerians form too religious and we cannot forgive. It’s hard but we can try. At this time of deep reflection. It is time to curate our forgiveness chart and get it done and dusted.

In addition to all of the above I looked at issues of too much carpet to carpet news, full of mind-blowing statistics of the dead and advised that people should not spend the whole day checking COVID-19 updates but take time to do other things so we can air our brains from bad news. I also advised that people should not be trigger happy in sending bad news through their phones. Not everyone is mentally strong. Do not repost unsubstantiated information. If you cannot inspire, don’t perspire. And our recent post is on reading. Reading opens the mind. I recommend Lebanese American, Khalil Gibran’s 1923 book, The Prophet.  An amazing book.

I am heartbroken that people who should know better are putting themselves and others at risk… follow the protocols. Don’t be a Covidiot

And here is a quote to help you find this book and dive deep. You will never be the same. “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing to itself. They came through you but are not from you…” I end each thought with “stay safe”. Stay cheerful. The feedbacks have been amazing. We are thankful for the ability to keep engaging in spite of the lockdown. We will keep it going for the lockdown and if we can, for longer. I hope they speak to you. Cororeflections; daily thoughts for your lockdown relief.

In the meantime, I have been pretty intrigued by the vibrant colours of the Coronavirus, bright fuchsia and tints of wild purple. In other illustrations, it is a designer’s dream green. Really? This virus on a killing spree should not have such delicious colours. In some instances, it is inspiring a new line of fashion and in others because it is so piercing it is eliciting mind-numbing fear. So, I researched it and found that most viruses are dark grey and unattractive but scientists and illustrators try to flex our imagination by giving it these colours so we can see it. My daughter is a Microbiologist turned banker and tells me, indeed there are dank colours to viruses. So, there you have it. We can see you Coronavirus. And this too shall pass.

And finally, I am heartbroken that people who should know better are putting themselves and others at risk. From Funke Akindele, to state governors, to rich men, to lay men, religious, reckless people and not the least also leaders of countries. While it is hard to stay home. It’s one of the ways to slow the spread. No Vaccines, no answers, no immediate clues. Follow the protocols. Don’t be a Covidiot.

Check out Oiza and Meyi’s Instagram for a song on Coronavirus and Cobham Asuquo’s song on the same thing. We shall conquer by the grace of God.  Amen. Do the right thing.


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