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Lagos: The historical significance of the new Afrika shrine

The impact of Lagos on arts and culture is as tangible as the air we breathe; Lagos is particularly famous throughout the African continent for its vibrant performing arts scene which is made up of a vibrant music scene, a flourishing theatre arts scene and everything in-between.

The influence Lagos has in the arts and culture scene spans across Africa and its impact cannot be denied, foreign performers have also noticed the role Lagos plays and have made moves to be a part of it. Over the years, renowned artists have paid homage to the cultural glory that Lagos is; artists such as James Brown, Paul McCartney (The Beatles), Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, Sean Paul and many others.

Lagos has not been ignorant of its role in promoting the arts in Nigeria and Africa as a whole; Lagos has succeeded in ensuring that Lagos’ impact is continually felt; and one of such ways is commissioning of facilities that make promotion and enjoyment of the performing arts a continuous delight.

One of those facilities is the “New Afrika Shrine” which is the host entertainment center of the annual Felabration Music Festival. It is a new building erected to replace the one previously built by the legendary Fela (which was burnt down in 1977).

It is an open-air entertainment hub located at Ikeja; it is a major tourist attraction and a force to reckon with. The facility exhibits photo galleries of Fela; the African music legend and music performances of Seun and Femi Kuti. Every Thursday and Sunday, Femi Kuti (Fela’s Son); plays for three hours. His band is made up of saxophonists, singers, keyboardists and up to twenty dancers, while Seun Kuti (also Fela’s Son) plays on the last Saturday of every month.

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This awesome live band experience is free only on Thursdays; though it is very beneficial to follow its Facebook page to have access to any information.
It is an African gem appreciated by both locals and foreigners. French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Shrine in 2018, which made him the first foreign President to visit the Shrine; it was one of the events to pre-launch the Season of African Cultures 2020 to be held in France.
It is an awesome venue for concerts, discos and the performing arts as a whole; awesome for music lovers (especially live bands).

What’s not to love about the Shrine? apart from how great of a sentimental value it is, the barbeques, food, drinks and pool tables are an amazing addition to the historical thrill it provides.
To access the Shrine however; costs about N500 ($1.31), how you can best maximize your visit depends on the purpose of your visit; if you are a history enthusiast and you happen to be interested in the life of Fela, it is best to pay a visit during the day because it is a lot less rowdy compared to the Night time. While if you are an Afrobeat lover you might want to pay a visit Primarily on Thursdays or weekends.

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