• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Japa: Why you should not buy your winter jacket in Nigeria

Japa: Why you should not buy your winter jacket in Nigeria

Traveling is on the rise, especially with Canada intensifying its efforts in hiring more temporary workers from Nigeria, Sweden fast tracking work visas for Nigerians and study and professional opportunities in the UK. People tend to be confused on what items they would really need so as the utilize the limited luggage space that they have.

Speaking to some ‘japarians’, one general mistake they made was buying Winter jackets from Nigeria amongst other things. Stating that it is not durable and could not keep them warm. It just occupied the space for something more useful.

From Esther, who is in the UK, she said, “ I bought two winter jackets for myself for 15,000 naira each and three for my daughter for 8,000 naira each. When we got here we couldn’t use it because it was like a normal sweater compared to the cold here and it’s not even winter yet. I would have use that space it occupied for something more useful or better still I would’ve just bought one piece each.

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Jude in Ireland said, “I didn’t buy my winter jacket in Nigeria. When I got to the airport, the taxis have heaters so i didn’t really feel the cold. After a while same day, i got another taxi to a store where i got my winter jacket for $35. I really do not regret not buying it winter jacket in Nigeria at all. “

Aina in Ontario, Canada said she got two winter jackets at 8000 naira each but she couldn’t use it unless she combines both of them at once. She had to buy a winter jacket there in Canada because the combination was not looking good at all. She got her winter jacket for $30.

However, you can get at most one jacket, rather than buying two or three jackets that may not be useful to you.

Six things to know before traveling

Based on experiences, here are some important things to pay attention to before traveling abroad

1. Bring hair extensions, wigs, hair nets and other hair accessories as hair products are expensive over there. Normal bridge is done for about $200. Microblading is about $250 just to be prepared.

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2. Bring your office we is Ankara outfits T-shirts. They are not as cheap as people make it seem especially in Canada.

3. Buy important drugs and medical kits that you use before traveling as you won’t be able to buy even paracetamol without a doctor’s prescription

4. Make research on the kind of phones you can use there not all types of phones work over there

5. You do not need to go with the fridge is spaghetti, rice, and many other food stuff except for the Nigerian ones like Garri, Locust beans, crayfish, egusi, etc

6. You also do not need to go with tons of bathing soap, creams and the rest except your skin has special need for certain products.