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The Benefits of a Mood Board in Food Photography

Creating a mood board is one of my favorite activities during my food photography process. It gets my creative juices flowing whenever I’m about to begin a food shoot, as well as a clearer visual idea of what I have decided to photograph. In today’s write up, I will discuss the benefits of mood board in food photography.

The tool I use to create my mood board for food photography is Pinterest. There are so many photo ideas on Pinterest and I will highly recommend it to anyone. Pinterest gives everyone an opportunity to source for ideas and tailors the search for specific results. All you need to do on Pinterest is input the intended dish to photograph in the search section and add the word/phrase “photography or food photography” to the side. The results would be an extensive display of images that will be used for inspiration.

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Mood board helps you achieve specific photography and food styling goals. For instance, lighting. If I’m concerned about the lighting technique to get the perfect pizza photo, looking through images in my mood board allows me to pay more attention to the lighting technique in these photos. Sometimes, I analyze images for food styling tips and composition. The goal behind every food image will be achieved when you pay more attention to your mood board.

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I have discovered that clients have specific ideas in mind, but they aren’t sure how to communicate them. A mood board will serve as a tool to connect any miscommunication gap during a food shoot between the client and the food photographer for the reason that there is a creative material that the client and food photographer looks at for the food photographer to achieve the client’s goal through his or her eyes. The mood board is a visual reference for the clients and the photographer, and it helps set the tone for creative direction.

It is common for food photographers to execute one or two ideas they’ve had for the shoot, and most times, they go-ahead to execute those ideas. A food photographer can experience a creative block during a shoot, and here’s where the mood board comes in. The mood board will have various options the food photographer can explore for the benefits of the project.
This process is quite exciting, and I’d say that for anyone trying out food photography, having a mood board would be a great place to start.

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