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What would you say to your younger self?

What would you say to your younger self?

Know who you are and what you want. Choose yourself before other people’s advice on your career path. People may wish for what is good for you, but you need to choose what is best., Listen to the inner voice that encourages you to achieve what you desire, Irrespective of societal norms. It will enable you to break the bias in the long run. Use your skills and creativity to explore and show value. At the end of it all, it boils down to only one person.

Arinola Shobande
Brands & Corporate Communications Manager, Ardova Plc

I would advise my younger self to be less anxious about the future, to be more outspoken, pursue my dreams without restraint, and invest early.

I would advise my younger self not to fall into the trap called “stereotypes”.

Stereotypes such as “a woman should not be outspoken”, “a woman should expect a slow career growth”, and “women are fickle creatures” are dream killers. Society cannot thrive when women are belittled.

This is the reason why I commit part of my time to teaching and coaching younger women through initiatives like GapX for working women and others. I am also proud to work in a group (Heirs Holdings Group) that is committed to achieving equal gender balance at all levels.

We all deserve to be at the table together.

Ifesinachi Okpagu
Chief Marketing Officer, Heirs Insurance

It’s important to differentiate between passion and purpose. At the core of it, passion is temporary and self-centered. Purpose is rooted in values and is about what you can do, what you can give back, and how you can make a difference. I would tell my younger self to identify her purpose in life by first understanding her values and the things that give her life meaning.

Make plans as it’s essential to plan and have clear goals for clarity. But dreams will change, and be open to embracing the changes as you navigate life’s journey. Don’t get fixated or stuck up on a specific plan. You’ll always end up where you are supposed to.

Read, read and read some more. Read better books that will change your perspective on life. Books are typically a safer way to explore differences in life, including culture and history.

Investing in friendships, I would tell her to find her tribe and build it, be careful about the kind of people you let into your space. Choose people who help build you and know when to let go of people who don’t add value. Have older friends who you admire and who inspire you. More senior people bring some wealth of wisdom and knowledge, leverage on these.

Oroma Ovunda Nsirim Business Partner, Marketing and Communications
Coronation Insurance Plc

Rolake Rosiji, Acting Managing Director, Careers in Africa

Focus on your strengths and shine in those areas. While continuous learning is essential to progress and maintain your confidence, be proud of your natural forces and use them.

Name: Kelechi Amogu
Title: Marketing & Communications Professional, and Author

Narrowing down to 4 points, I will focus on Patience, Passion, Trust, and Happiness.
I would remind myself to be patient with the journey, celebrate ALL my wins – big and small, and not be afraid to demand more. I would still be in the media industry because I love pushing new frontiers here. Still, I would also tell myself to develop other “love interests” with other media sub-specialties. Trusting myself and my decisions is also super important. And finally, my happiness is a non-negotiable task in life’s journey. People often confuse “being uncomfortable” during life’s journey with being unhappy. Know the difference between the two and know peace!

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Lolu Desalu, Chief Marketing Officer, Alternative Finance Sterling Bank

Other People’s Opinions Reflect Their own Limitations
So cliché but it’s crazy what your subconscious mind soaks up and manifests later. People often say that you jinx your plans when you share them, people, I don’t think it is a coincidence, I think that naturally when you share your plans and ideas with a bunch of people, you will receive mixed reactions, and usually, your subconscious will process it, adapt to it and the actions you take next will change. Before you know it, you’re moving slightly slower on that idea, or that dream to be an MD of a fortune 500 company by 35 starts to look unrealistic.

I now tell myself to allow my imagination to run as wild as possible and, more importantly, make sure my actions follow suit.
Good People Win All the Time
It’s okay to be the ‘nice’ one or the ‘good’ one. Your success isn’t measured by how nice or nasty you are. Success is a result of the seeds you sow. I have heard people tell me to toughen up for as long as I can remember, and when I was younger, I would try it on & off but grew up and came to the realization that my God-given personality was part of the instruments given to me to succeed. There are so many good/friendly people winning every day; we have to debunk the saying that ‘nice people finish last.’

The Universe Rewards a Heart of Gratitude
Tough times don’t last; trust me, I have been through stuff and still don’t know how I came out on the other side. I have learned that my heart reflects my actions, and my actions influence everything else. I wish I had a better understanding of this in my teenage years, but happy I know it now.

Be Loyal to People Who Are Good to You
I have seen over the years that of all the things that people hold dear, loyalty is one of the biggest. Loyalty can put you in rooms your qualifications cannot.

Success doesn’t come in a day,, but fulfillment does! Wake up every day and do only the best you can do in that time window. These strings of daily fulfilling steps will form your long-term success. Remember to be patient, dedicated, and BOLD enough to keep going despite the challenges. Olamidun Ogundoyin (formerly Majekodunmi)
Country Director, Nexford University and Founder, Sooyah Bistro

Things that seem like enormous challenges are actually quite inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Life is so complex that it makes no sense to fixate on every little thing, especially since there are so many things beyond your control. Focus your energies instead on you: grow, discover, take risks, fail, learn, breathe and try again. Be your biggest cheerleader- stand confident, harness your inner power and let the world know it. In all things, be kind to yourself and don’t let anyone, anything, or any circumstance dim your light. Be selfish with your heart- only let go of things in and let go off negativity as soon as it reads its ugly head. Abide by your own rules and follow your own path, and God will lead you exactly where you are meant to be.Adesuwa Ighile, Ford Foundation

I would tell my younger self not to be afraid to try new things, take risks and put herself out there for opportunities. If things don’t work out, don’t stay down, ask yourself what lessons you can learn from it, and move ahead – I call it failing forward.

Molade Adeniyi

“A piece of more excellent advice to my younger self would always be to
enjoy the process of growing and trusting and believing in God.” Nene Babajide Consultant/Founder, Blanche Aigle Communications.

“I would tell my younger self to be bolder and that I can do any & all things. There is nothing wrong in failing in something; always look for the lesson learned in that experience. I will speak to my younger self to be business savvy about everything understanding the world of business. Finally, you are beautiful inside and outside with a lot to offer, be adventurous, travel, look after your; mind, body & soul.”

Arinola Fetuga Head, HR & Admin LSETF

When JAMB scores got in the way of reading Medicine, I did not have to spend all that time sulking. When you overheard mum proudly listing out the courses her children were studying in the university to a friend of my late father and I was omitted, should not have been upset – Cell Biology & Genetics is a mouthful.

I may not be able to dissect and operate on a human being today. Still, I have brought the same diligence in dissecting the pain points of customers & operating in a way that delights Lumos Power customers.

Kathryn Edionseri Snr. Vice President Services

Let your magic shine through – your unique expressions are not odd; they are unique, singled out for the world to experience differently.
Don’t let society’s blueprint stop you from expressing your true self.
Don’t let the opinions of ‘people’ dictate your actions. Instead, let your guide be “how you make people feel” – because it will come from your core, a place of truth within, and if rooted in love, will manifest in ways that empower and uplift others.
Sweetheart, the world is your stage – spread your wings and do your magic; there’s an audience waiting to see it.