Ocean Star Beach Resort: Embracing nature at its peak

Away from the boisterous and chaotic places in Lagos, one may not need to go too far to get some good rest while embracing the serenity and beauty nature offers.
Located at the heart of Ibeshe, Lagos is the Ocean Star Beach Resort which offers a combination of beautiful scenery, swimming pool, relaxation centres, unique cuisine, tall palm trees, chirping birds, game centres, interesting activities and a beautiful beach.

At Ocean Star Beach Resort, is a natural paradise beyond every tourist’s imagination. The resort presents a unique mix of a natural environment consisting of beautifully made huts proving shades for guests and extensively sandy beach.
Guests can taste the sweet combination of comfort and freedom alongside the aura of a stress-free terrain that gives them the ambiance of nature’s perfection of beautiful white sand beach and miraculous Atlantic Ocean.

Some activities guests could engage in include pure relaxation, beach wedding/ reception, beach party, various kinds of beach sports, boat tour on the creek, fishing, community tour, bush tour, rental services – beach house, amongst several others.
Ocean Star Beach Resort is a part of the Ibeshe Beach communities. They are deeply embedded in these communities, and its aim is to introduce people to life in rural Africa and to enable them take part in daily life and in special events.

It’s really lovely to wander out from Ocean star beach resort into the local community and meet people. The people here are extremely friendly, and love to stop and chat and welcome guests. Wandering around here is very rewarding and guests can expect to make good friends and really get to know people.

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Wutsika Stephen Olu, founder/Owner of Ocean Star Beach Resort International Ltd told BusinessDay that he had always dreamt of this business for a long time and he pursued that dream.
“Since I was a child, I have always had the dream of having a resort or recreational centre, so after I finished secondary school, I decided to start this in a small way and today I can tell you that I have built this place to become what it is today. I started this business 12 years ago. People come here from various parts of the world to relax and have fun,” he told BusinessDay. Olu said the guests pay a token of 1,500 as access fee to access to all amenities at the resort.

“In the next ten years, we hope to be counted amongst the first five top leisure and tourism service providers in Nigeria,” he added.
A guest who identified herself as Ore Akintimoye told BusinessDay that her picnic at the Ocean Star Beach Resort resort was an amazing experience, one she would love to experience again.

“I and my friends had time to bond. The environment was amazing and the breeze was very refreshing. Food was very delicious; we played games’ fellowshipped together, and generally had a nice time. I’m definitely looking forward to more of this,” Akintimoye said

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