• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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My Christmas Miracle 2

My Christmas Miracle 2

Continued from last week…

The clock was ticking and time was of the essence. I needed a miracle and I needed it quick. These guys were not mincing words when they said I was next in line to be taken out. I considered running away, then I remembered what happened to the young man that tried to escape. He was shot in the back and left to bleed to death.

I resorted to begging them but my pleas fell on deaf ears so all I could do was mutter a few words of prayers to God. I knew this was a hopeless course because God would never listen to the prayers someone like me. At this point, all I could do was resign myself to fate.

From their conversation, I gathered that it was the Yuletide season so all the female abductors had gone home to be with their families for the holidays. The men were struggling with preparing their food and even though I was frail and exhausted, I felt the nudge to help them out. Considering what these devils had subjected me to, the last thing on my mind was to lend a helping hand but I felt strongly to don’t. And if there was one thing I knew how to do, it was how to cook.

They were impressed that I volunteered to help out so they ordered the other ladies to join me. If looks could kill, I could have dropped dead from the missiles emitting from the eyes of those ladies. Because we were being closely monitored they couldn’t say anything to me but I could see dagger in their eyes.

Christmas lunch was very good. As a matter of fact, most of them said it was the best meal they’ve had in a long time. So I began to cook for them everyday. I became the official cook for the abductors and there was no mention of killing me again.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and I continued to serve as a cook in the jungle. Despite the fact that the experience in that place was hell, I was a bit relieved because they had started treating me a little differently because of my culinary skill. They even gave me clothes to put on, the dirty cloth didn’t matter to me, I was just happy to be wearing one. Some of the abductors didn’t like the preferential treatment I was receiving but I continued to get away with it.

This particular day started out as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening, just the regular routine until we started hearing gunshots and helicopters hovering over our heads. It looked like a war zone and I had no clue what was going on. The pandemonium lasted for several hours. People were scampering for dear life, some lost their lives in the process while others were badly injured but I had the nudge to lie on the ground and not move. I wanted to run away with the others, but I didn’t know which was better, whether to be hit by a stray bullet or to stay there and die. I had confusing thoughts running through my head, my adrenaline was rushing but I found myself pinned to the ground. I lacked the will to get up and run so I remained where I was.

The raid lasted a long time and it was a bloodbath. After what seemed like eternity, I discovered that the intruders were men from the Military. Those of us that survived were airlifted to safety and reunited with our families after a few days.

I told the police how I ended up in the jungle and the search for Abi and Makanaki commenced. They probably got wind of the news of my return so they both fled town.

Time and space will not allow me tell you what happened after I returned to the safety of my home. I had a proper understanding of the prodigal son’s experience. It was after my release that it dawned on me that Christmas was in a few weeks. I remember praying for a Christmas miracle and after that I had that nudge to help those evil people cook their food. That in itself was indeed a miracle and it’s the reason why I am still alive.

The next miracle was that nudge to stay on the ground even when the rational thing at that moment was to run with the others. And the third miracle was that I was home for Christmas.

I asked for a Christmas miracle and I got it. I am grateful for life and I am happy that I’ve been given a second chance to right all my wrong. I can’t afford to mess this up.