• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Meet Emmanuel Smart, consultant turning business failures to successes

Meet Emmanuel Smart, consultant turning business failures to successes

Emmanuel Smart is a certified management consultant with a proven track record of helping businesses turn failures into successes.

Smart’s unconventional methods to strategy, sales, and marketing are new, original, and unique. He sees sales and marketing as the communication arm of the business while strategy as the brain of the business.

This was the unique method he used in the successful and very low-cost launch of Nibit Mini Snack.

The success of Nibit is unprecedented and broke all the myths associated with successful product launch. The product was rejected on day one but without spending any money and trying to sell, Emmanuel Smart and his team made it the fastest selling product in the market by day three of launch.

“Many people do not know how we moved the product from being unknown to becoming known in just one week,” Smart said.

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“We simply refused to sell. Instead, we focused on thinking of why customers wouldn’t buy and we solved those problems. We also created strong reasons why they should buy. The job of the sales team was to communicate this in the most honest manner. This worked magic and the rest is history.”

Smart has gone on to use these methods to help refine the strategy, sales, marketing, and product development teams of his clients in Nigeria, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

The success stories have been remarkable in several industries.

“I reckon that many young entrepreneurs may not be able to pay for our services,” Smart said. “So we sometimes offer new businesses mentoring. But beyond mentoring, I believe they can also transform their business by learning and practicing the science of making products that customers would gladly pay for, as outlined in my book, Make What Customers Want.”

Smart is a visionary in the business world. He is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to help businesses succeed.