• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Highbury Heights: A blend of space, comfort and functionality


A new home is one of the most important purchases people make in their lifetime. It has an impact not only on your lifestyle but also lifelong happiness. With numerous factors to take into account, the process can seem quite daunting. But the task can be made much easier when you know exactly what you expect from your new space.

Several real estate surveys conducted have shown that what most potential home owners look at are how spacious a house is and how comfortable the amenities and environment are. Other factors include the performance, purpose, service, use, and component.

Also important is a multipurpose apartment that fits into work-life balance and helps cushion effects of economic downturn. This has continued to be the consideration of prospective home owners who may want to convert to short-let or use the apartment for other purposes.

One of the very few projects that promises to offer these attributes is the Highbury Heights, a luxury project targeted at every potential home owner.

After a decade of steady growth, Facibus Housing has announced the Highbury Heights, a luxurious enclave that very well combines space, comfort and functionality.

Nestled in Ikate, Lagos, the venture represents the company’s inaugural luxury project since its inception.

Chuka Harrison Okoye, the CEO of Facibus Housing, remarked, “We’ve been dedicated to building in Ikota and its environs, establishing a reputable presence in the area. The launch of Highbury Heights marks our venture into the vibrant Lekki Phase 1 and Ikate, a monumental step towards contributing to this expanding community.”

Okoye said they want to design, create and develop a property that gives people the sense of comfort and ambiance.

“Here there are expanded windows and natural lights. I am really proud of this project because it is very ambitious for us. We have been developing terraces. This is an area where we want to go higher. In Lagos, we do not have enough land as you know, so we have to go higher.

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“At the same time, this is also a premium luxury market. So, you have to play in that premium luxury market as well. We want to diversify our portfolio of development per se and still want to give people the best in functionality and the best in comfort,” he explained.

He assured that Facibus Housing prides itself in providing functional houses, adding that they are developing a property that people can use for multiple reasons.

“You can decide to use it as a short-let and rent it out. It has this multi-use potential. Phase one started on November 1. We will be moving into the site and our plan is to finish this in a year and a half. We always deliver and we don’t delay projects.

“This new project will not be a problem for us. In terms of pricing and payment structure, we are happy to offer everyone zero to 18 months payment plan. We are very happy to launch this project,” Okoye said.

Distinguished industry figures like Bridget Adeyemi of LekkiAjahIkoyi, Thinkmint, and Joe Etoniru & Agents graced the launch, emphasising their confidence in the product’s quality and the brand’s credibility.

Highbury Heights offers a collection of thoughtfully designed 2-bedroom apartments, a blend of space, comfort, and functionality. Residents will delight in resort-style amenities, including a sparkling swimming pool, a serene spa, and beautifully landscaped gardens, all underpinned by 24/7 security and concierge services.

Highbury Heights celebrates not only luxury living but also the visionary leadership of CEO Harrison Okoye. As a second-generation real estate company, Facibus Housing has achieved remarkable milestones, culminating in over 100 units built through the Pentagon Court Housing Series, from phase 1 to phase 5, situated in the coveted Ikota region of Lekki.

Okoye said investing in Facibus Housing means more than acquiring a home; it’s a commitment to a legacy of trust and excellence,” the CEO added.