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For Young Professionals – Preparing for the New Year

2020 will officially be over in a few days. For many people, they can’t wait to say goodbye to what has been an unpredictable year filled with several unplanned surprises. If you’re a professional, you are most likely enjoying some time off work and away from the stress of back to back virtual meetings. I implore you to make the most of the holiday to rest but more importantly, do carve some time out to think critically about the New Year.

In the midst of news of a second wave of the pandemic, it looks like the uncertainty of 2020 may spill into 2021. That notwithstanding, I always believe in looking at the positive side. While you may not be able to control the details of the New Year, there are things you can do to position yourself for success in your career. Here are three key things every professional should do to hit the ground running in 2021.

Be committed to personal growth. More than ever, in the New Year, you need to invest in your personal growth. Since 2020 shifted the world into the virtual realm, you can now access world-class training from the comfort of your home. Have a growth plan and ensure that you stay open to learning. Learning isn’t just about enrolling for several online courses at once; it is also about seeking ways to make your strengths stronger and your weaknesses a bit better. Be open to learning from any and every one in 2021. You never know how it will play a significant role in your next big opportunity.

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Be flexible and willing to adapt. While you may want to create vision boards and plans at the beginning of the year, please be flexible enough to accommodate any disruptions that may happen. To do this, you must prioritise what is truly important and know the things that are nice to have but are not critical. In addition, you must understand that there isn’t one way to achieve a goal. Give yourself the benefit of having options. Being rigid may not be the best strategy to adopt in the long term. Have an open mind and constantly review your professional goals in line with the changes you experience.

Be open to collaboration. Many times, we are forced into the path of competition as professionals. While competition itself is not bad, collaboration is a higher road that will lead to higher results. Usually when people talk about collaboration, they believe it applies only to entrepreneurs and innovators. The truth is everyone can benefit from collaboration. How can you work collaboratively with your colleagues and team members to achieve your organizations’ goals? What can you do with others to achieve greater impact and results? Always think collaboratively as you work. I also recommend joining a specialist community for your area of expertise. You will be surprised how much professional growth and progress you will achieve by networking with and learning from others who are on the same journey as you.

I know you want to do great things in 2021 – make more money, get that promotion, move over to that high flying organization and so on. Whatever it is that you plan to achieve, always remember to enjoy the process and know that the goal is not a destination. Don’t hinge your happiness on being able to make more money or being promoted. Instead, be deliberate about maintaining your joy and living intentionally every single day. We don’t know what 2021 holds but we can choose to embrace the year with optimism and love.


About Adedoyin Jaiyesimi
Adedoyin Jaiyesimi is the Chief Communications Consultant at The Comms Avenue, a capacity building and knowledge exchange platform for leading and innovative communications professionals across the world. The Comms Avenue offers high-level knowledge sharing meetings and training programs for communications professionals and corporate organizations. She is the Author of the book, From Clueless to Success – a collection of 20 backstories from her journey as a communications professional.
She has vast experience consulting for international organizations and top corporate executives and specializes in providing strategic communications consulting for development, philanthropic and corporate organizations, helping them to develop and implement a robust communications strategy.
Adedoyin has successfully executed projects for the W Community, Women in Business, Management and Public Service (WIMBIZ), Leading Ladies Africa, Heritage Bank, African Philanthropy Forum amongst others. She has been profiled on She Leads Africa, Leadership Newspaper and Lionesses of Africa. She was also featured as one of The Spark’s Visionary Women in 2019.
Instagram – @adedoyinjaiyesimi
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