• Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Emmanuel Alamu, entrepreneur keeping businesses up and running through network engineering


Emmanuel Alamu, IT Expert and the founder of NetEng Solutions is a passionate network engineer dedicated to helping individuals and organisations engineer their network dreams by designing and implementing scalable and agile networks for households and enterprises.

With a strong background in engineering, Alamu has successfully assisted organisations and households, using his expertise in software-defined networking, to help transform networks into scalable and agile resources designed to meet dynamic modern network and business demands while reducing capital and operational expenses.

In an interview, Alamu shares his motivation, challenges faced, accomplishments, and advice for aspiring professionals in the network engineering industry.

Alamu’s deep-rooted passion for IT and engineering serves as the driving force behind his career. He explains, “I have always had a deep passion for applying my problem-solving, technical and communication skills in a business environment.

Establishing an IT brand comes with its fair share of challenges, according to Alamu.

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He recalls, “One of the significant obstacles I encountered was competition. Being a network engineer can be a challenging and competitive career path. With the rise of global teams, network engineers may compete with specialists. This problem can make it difficult to stand out and get work opportunities”.

Furthermore, he faced the challenge of long working hours.

He states, “Many networks need monitoring to ensure they’re running and to address any issues as they arise. This task may need network engineers to work overtime. Besides, network engineers working for consulting firms or managed service providers may work long hours to meet customer needs. This problem occurs during critical project phases or in trouble.”

Alamu finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the positive impact his experiences have had on individuals and organizations. He states, “One of my greatest accomplishments is seeing the positive impact our experiences have had on our clients. It is immensely gratifying to witness how our services have become essential to keep businesses up and always running.”

Additionally, he takes pride in his team, stating, “I take pride in building a team of dedicated professionals who share the same passion for networking and providing exceptional service.”

Drawing from his experience, Alamu offers valuable advice to aspiring professionals in the network engineering industry.

He emphasizes the importance of cultivating a deep passion for networking and continuous learning. He advises, “Establish relationships with reliable partners, leaders, and other professionals in the industry. Networking opens doors to new opportunities and valuable collaborations.”

Emmanuel Alamu is a member of the prestigious Internet Society (ISOC) and has dedicated his business to inspiring and enabling transformative journeys.

His deep passion for exploration, coupled with resilience and innovation, has allowed him to overcome challenges and achieve significant accomplishments.

Alamu encourages aspiring professionals to embrace their passion, prioritize customer satisfaction, and be flexible in the ever-involving technology industry.