Can you handle help?: A Guide on achieving professional, home management goals

Many have had to resign from their jobs when they start bearing children because they are unable to combine their professional career with home management.

For those seeking to achieve their professional goals and home management goals all at the same time, the book titled: ‘Can You Handle Help?’ is a guide on how to handle domestic help and succeed in a career or business.

Written by Seyi Banigbe, a lawyer and serial entrepreneur, ‘Can You Handle Help?’ offers strategies with relatable experiences on how to hire, retain and optimize domestic help successfully.

Anyone who pays people to help them with cleaning and any other menial tasks, then this book promises to help them manage this relationship effectively.

The book is for everyone who seeks to succeed in a career or business without sacrificing their homemaking goals.

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Speaking during the launch of the book in Lagos, Banigbe called on all corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who employ the service of domestic helps, to build better relationships with domestic helps in order to improve their own work productivity and wellbeing.

Banigbe is passionate about Africans being financially empowered alongside living their dreams.

She stated that “your relationship with your domestic help is directly linked to your personal success. Having someone to watch your baby at home is sometimes the difference between you getting a multimillion opportunity”.

The author encouraged corporate organisations to get the book for their employees in order to boost productivity in the work place.

“It is high time women stop quitting their jobs to take care of family”, she said.

Banigbe who is also the founder of popular jewellery brand, Bland2Glam, and talk show, Binging with GameChangers, shared information on how people can tackle sexual issues with domestic helps as she encouraged everyone to read her book which tackles the matter effectively.

Gender equality is talked about topic globally and Banigbe explained that without tackling fundamental issues such as ‘optimizing domestic helps’, gender equality will remain a farfetched ideal in Nigeria.

She noted that the issue of women balancing work and home management is more important now than ever before and the book is positioned to solve many problems faced by women trying to achieve both professional goals and home management goals.

Seyi Banigbe noted that her new book, available online at “Can You Handle HELP?”,; @canyouhandlehelp; and in all Bland2Glam retail locations nationwide.

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