• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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A taste of Sheraton’s live-fire cooking


 It is fun having your food cooked and served just how and where you want it. That is a wonder culinary experience that awaits you at Sheraton Abuja Hotel from now on.

Every meal at ‘The Papillion’, the hotel’s intercontinental buffet restaurant, now promises to be an adventure as the hotel’s expert chefs led by Simon James, the executive chef, usher in the first-ever live-fire cooking experience in the hotel.

To the delight of enthusiasts, the new offering from Sheraton Abuja Hotel’s kitchen is an offer of ancient yet contemporary form of cooking which provides a nurturing and satisfying culinary experience to customers.

Explaining the benefits of live-fire cooking, Boris Bornman, general manager, Sheraton Abuja Hotel, says, “In my experience the flavours from searing and caramelisation are captured and developed in the cooking process whether in fast grilling or slow roasting in a wood-fired oven. The food’s moisture is held inside and released at the end when you cut into it just before serving. The seasoned wood or hardwood charcoal fuel imparts additional surface flavour.”

The food, according to him, requires less fat in cooking and making the food healthier yet succulent, packed with natural flavour and nutrition. There is entertainment element too. Family and friends gather around the live-fire ‘stage’ to cheer on the cook as they watch the performance.

The live-cooking stations, which the hotel now offers at lunch and dinner, will, of course, enhance guests’ dining experience because the chefs cook guests’ chosen dish with the ingredients they enjoy, right in front of their very eyes.

Also, guests can visit and experience live cooking from the hotel’s Wok and Stir Fry stations with Teppanyaki sauce and pasta, its Tandoor and Tikka stations to the Wok stations that offer unique dining entertainment.

The chefs are handy and ready to prepare an assortment of dishes with lightning fast hands skilfully using iron griddles.

“Our Nigerian live-cooking grill stations now offer beef and chicken suya as well as roasted and grilled fish. Customers can choose the ingredients they want, cooked the way they want by our experienced chefs. The fully customisable dishes offer a variety of delicious sauces and ingredients to choose from. These dishes are tailored to your taste,” the general manager notes.

The new cooking option offers educational opportunity in nutrition and is extremely rewarding to guests as they can learn about basic nutrition, making healthier food choices and on-the-go cooking skills under the watchful eyes of the hotel’s master chefs who demonstrate live cooking skills as they cut the meat, chicken and fish.

“Lamb curry, stir fry and braise beef cheeks are cooked while you choose your fresh seasonal vegetables. These are savouring experiences that will keep you coming back for more,” Bornman concludes as he invites all to the new cooking option in Nigeria’s capital city.