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Covid-19: UBA’s refresh App offers free online medical services to customers 

As part of responses to Covid-19 pandemic, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) is offering a 30-day free online medical consultation to its customers in a refreshed mobile App which comes with other attractive features.
With the refreshed mobile app, a customer can comfortably sit at home and connect to a medical doctor before going to hospital if need be.
Also, the refreshed App allows a customer to sit at home and order food. “Because it’s new to town, we are giving it free for the first 30 days to our customers so that they have that experience and the journey continues,” Sampson Aneke, group head, digital banking, said during the virtual media parley organized by the bank across Africa.
Aneke noted that the bank has built enough capacity on its internet banking. “Our internet banking in the coming days can do single debit and multiple credit to even wallet. Wallet banking is heavy across Africa. Today we have created that journey so that you can move money from banking to wallet”.
The new features on the internet banking offers host to host (H2H) integration, which is an integration to corporate customers enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It enables such corporate to easily manage their business processes.
The App offers Global accounts view access. The bank has presents in 20 countries and customers who have accounts with it in various locations.
 “What if the headquarters wants to have a view of what is happening in the account of their subsidiaries in various countries where we exist. We have done that already. Today single view they can view their transactions, statements across locations  if that company is partnering with us in 20 locations you can have single view and see what is happening to those accounts in 20 countries in Africa. That’s a massive achievement and we have done that seamlessly even without making noise about it,” Aneke said.
The bank’s upgraded app allows customers make loan requests through Click Credit, which is specifically for salary account holders or Quick loans which is available to both savings and current account holders.
“Our customers have already started to enjoy these services, and I can tell you that they are very pleased with these new offerings,” he said.
Some of the unique offerings for businesses include large sum withdrawal on ATM, PoS merchant solution (moneytor), Merchant code for collection  (USSD payment) and school management solution among others.
What is happening in the industry we belong to today is disruption and we are very ready for it. “We are not going to follow behind. If we are doing it before, yesterday ended last night. If we were following behind before, yesterday ended last night. This is new and this is new day and we will never follow behind again. We want to stamp our digital leadership and we are very serious and methodical about it,” Aneke said.

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