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Passengers to provide declaration forms before leaving UK

All passengers leaving UK to travel abroad from Monday 8 March have been requested to download a form from the government website declaring why they are leaving UK and must provide evidence of this, such as a letter or official document.

Passengers without the form will be fined £200 and stopped from boarding, as they have been requested to print a copy of the completed form or save it to a mobile phone or other device to show as proof.

A statement in the UK government’s website reads: “From 8 March 2021, you must complete this form to declare the reason that you need to travel abroad.
“You must complete this form if you are travelling outside the UK from England. Different rules apply for international travel from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

“You don’t need to complete the form for travel within the UK, to Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Youshould print a copy of the completed form or save it to a mobile phone or other device.

“You may be asked to show this declaration form at the port of departure. You may carry evidence to support your reason for travel. Entering a port of departure to travel internationally without a completed form is a criminal offence, for which you could be fined.”

It warned that if passengers try to travel abroad without a legally permitted reason, they may also be fined for breaching the stay at home requirements.

“You do not need to complete the form yourself if you are under the age of 18 or if you lack capacity to complete the form. If a responsible adult is travelling with you, they should complete a separate copy of the form on your behalf,” it added.

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