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Passengers stranded at Nigeria’s busiest International Airport as congestion worsens

A Qatar Airways Boeing 787 filled with holidaymakers and school children returning to Nigeria has been unable to find a parking spot in the country’s busiest airport after a nine-hour trip from Doha, Qatar.

Tired Passengers on the flight QR 1407
are getting upset held up inside the plane that has been in a holding position on the Lagos taxiway for an additional hour after touch-down on Sunday morning at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Airport officials claim the airport is congested but experts say the situation speaks of the rot which has been the lot of Nigeria’s busiest international airport and defeats talks of becoming a regional air hub.

According to sources, the Airport is the situation could have been avoided with proper planning in place.

A Lufthansa jet and an AirPeace plane are parked at the airport, which is said to be congested. However, these two airlines usually fly into Lagos in the evening, sources told BusinessDay.

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