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Passengers satisfied with safety measures as flights resume

As domestic flights resumed in Nigeria on Wednesday, passengers have expressed satisfaction and confidence over safety measures put in place against Covid-19.

Passengers on the first flight from Lagos who arrived Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja Wednesday morning said all Covid-19 safety measures were observed and strictly adhered to while onboard.

Speaking with BusinessDay, Jibril Sani, one of the passengers said “the level of adherence was high, a lot of distancing, temperature check, hand washing and sanitising”.

Some passengers, however, were dissatisfied with time management by the airport authorities.

“The journey was hectic. Imagine staying at the airport for four hours before flights! We were told the flight would be leaving by 7 am but we took off by 10. Though safety measures were taken, there is a need to improve on the timing,” a passenger said.

BussinessDay also observed that the first flights which arrived Abuja airports had few passengers as some complained over high fare.

The Managing Director of FAAN, Rabiu Yadudu, responding to the increase in air ticket, said it was a necessary development, for health purposes.

“The airlines are in business and if you are compelled to reduce your capacity, in terms of your revenue, it is expected for them to come up with new adaptability to ensure they do not run into a loss. it is all in the interest of our safety and security,” he said.

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