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NIGAV 2021 awards set to promote best practices in Nigeria’s aviation sector

The Nigeria Aviation Award, (NIGAV) award and Ministerial Dinner 2021 is set to promote best practice in the industry and reward those who are behind the scenes of every successful aviation year.

NIGAV, which is in its 10th edition, will be held on December 19th 2021 at NIGAV’s center in Lagos, purposely built for the promotion of trade from the eyes of the aviation industry.

Speaking on the awards, Fortune Idu, chairman, Airport Business Summit and organizer, NIGAV Awards said behind this successful aviation year, are people who are very relentless in their service to the industry from the technical part to the operation part, to the management, to the safety, security, those who carry out studies, those who do work on the economies of the air transport industry, all contributing to a yearly aviation safety records because the industry is very sensitive.

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Idu said the industry is one of the most sensitive industries in Nigeria, so people who in spite of the challenges and complexities are able to keep people flying, need to be recognized, rewarded and appreciated.

Speaking on the criteria for picking the awardees, he said, “First, we look generally at how the industry has performed and you can see there is a serious increase in terms of increase in traffic, showing a good recovery. So, the question is what role did people, individuals and companies play to get us to this point?

“At this year’s event, we are looking at recovery. What role did people play in getting us to the point where we are now approaching post-Covid traffic in a very short while? Because the prediction was that the industry will take a long time to recover but now, it is recovering very fast. So, what role did we play, what role did individuals play?” he explained.

He noted that at the restart of the airport, operations played a very serious role by ensuring there was no pandemonium at the airport in terms of human management.

“There was this issue of having to put lines, having to restrict movement, having to monitor movement, having to insist on change in behaviour, character, wearing of masks, these are completely strange things to people. We had to put all these in the industry, force it on the industry and people made sure that people complied. We need to appreciate these people,” Idu said.

He added that the airlines that complied with COVID-19 protocols also need to be appreciated.

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