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Why you should not miss Art X Lagos

Art X Lagos is the first international art fair held in Lagos for West African artists. Think of it as 60 renowned artists, highly sought after galleries, and a variety of art forms to a collector’s delight. The fair opened on Friday, November 4th at the Civic Center, Victoria Island Lagos. It will continue throughout the weekend with live shows and artist talks. Here are few highlights you would want to see.


There is an ethereal installation on the Ground Floor of the Civic Center. It is shimmery and colorful. Constructed from cut out pieces of rubber slippers and circular twine ropes, the artist makes a bold statement that resonates. The main exhibition occupies the second floor. Close to the entrance door, Gerald Chukuma represented by SMO Contemporary Art gallery has a multi-textured laid out fabric hanging on the wall. It is an installation piece titled Everyday. True to its name, he makes use of everyday materials and even incorporates the popular mobile network recharge cards in this piece.


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Videos for your Collection

Oyindamola Fakeye and a few other artists form the Video Art Network (VAN) Lagos, have put together a collection of short visuals titled Owambe. Each of these videos bring to life the effervescent party scene synonymous with Lagos. In Fakeye’s Party Games, guests dress up to the nines, jostle for party souvenirs, and dance; all in a tight circle. Uche Okpa Iroha depicts what happens the night after copious eating and drinking. A man seeks relief in a laxative and antacid solution in this captivating video presentation on the first floor.

Art Works and their Artists

Ade Adekola has the Nigerian Civil War depicted in circles and the Stevenson Gallery represents the symbolic works on paper of Cameroonian Artist, Barthélémy Toguo. The sculptures of Sokari Douglas Camp are impressive and George Osodi’s photographs pay tribute to the colorful city of Calabar. IICD Abuja is representing Tyna Adebowale along with her detailed sketched portraits and a fascinating piece, I no hear you jo. Meet and greet visual artist Victor Ehikhamenor in his booth that showcases a variety of his captivating artworks with exquisitely perforated pieces.

These are some excerpts from the ongoing Art X Lagos Fair. It is indeed shaping up to be one of the art events held in the city of Lagos that will be talked about for months to come. Stop by and enjoy the entirety of the Art X Lagos fair this weekend.

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