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Visit somewhere new in Nigeria this year

A list of New Year resolutions is not complete without adding a travel destination or two. At BusinessDay Travel, we are excited about the innovation tour management companies are infusing into visits to Nigerian destinations from January to June. There are themed trips exploring green forest reserves of Western Nigeria, hiking up mountains and rocks, couple getaways in exotic resorts, and a visit to the jewels of Northern Nigeria.

If these eight destinations sound exciting, but you are uncertain about how to get there, allow me to introduce to five tour companies that will take care of the necessary logistics. Be it transportation in the form of air-conditioned buses, security provided by escorts, delicious food and cold drinks for refreshment breaks, and fellow travelers who add to the ambiance of an adventure. All you have to do now is block off a date, pick a destination, contact a tour group, and pack your bags. Before you head out, we would like to know, where will you be going?

ü Olumo Rock, Abeokuta, Ogun State

The moderate hike up Olumo Rock is a great induction into traveling this year. The ride to Olumo Rock is picturesque and the hills are welcoming. Olumo Rock itself has a story that inspires and there are surprising encounters along the climb. If you are fit and adventure seeking, ditch the steps and claw your way to the top with just the rocks for support.

You can join either The DARE Experience on January 28 or The Village Pot Adventures on February 4.

ü Omo Forest Reserve, Ogun State

With more than 8,000 species of plants in this rainforest vegetation area, this is an adventure for outdoor lovers. Explore the Omo River, the Omo Rock, and the rich biodiversity indigenous to this region. In proximity is a campground that provides the perfect rest area for an overnight camping trip and a bonfire.

Unravelling Nigeria will be exploring these great outdoors from February 18 to 19.

ü Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti

A visit to a spring is always refreshing, but Ikogosi is not just any spring. It is a spring where a flow of hot water meets up with another flow of cold water, creating a warm spring. This meeting point is clearly marked out and you will be able to feel this wonder yourself. The surrounding greenery and pleasurable walk along the footbridge are bonuses this destination offers.

Plan a trip to the springs with Social Prefect Tours in January or The Village Pot Adventures during the Worker’s Day 3-day weekend from April 29 to May 1.

ü Inagbe Resort, Epe

Nature, culture, and tradition find a home at this resort. Surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon and Atlantic Ocean, visitors to this resort receive a relaxing getaway in a luxurious way. Prepare to take a speedboat to this resort and participate in a variety of activities such as horseback riding and quadbike racing.

Social Prefect Tours has put together a couples’ getaway for February

ü Tarkwa Bay, Lagos

Tarkwa Bay Beach provides the right mix of fun and games for visitors. A trip includes cruising the waterways of Lagos by boat and arriving at an Island cut off from the city. A great location for an all day picnic, the beach at Tarkwa Bay welcomes surfers and swimmers alike. The rocks and gorgeous views create a perfect backdrop for social media enviable pictures.

Irinajo has a fun trip planned for January 28 and The Village Pot on February 25

ü Badagry, Lagos

Badagry is a town known for its role in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Slave relics from this era can still be viewed in its museums and tour guides are on hand to narrate the stories from this time. As a major settlement for the early missionaries in Nigeria, Badagry also hosts the first storey building in Nigeria. Its beaches are unspoiled and offer deliciously grilled fresh fish. This is a great location for a family fun day.

Plan to take the children along as Social Prefect Tours visits in May

ü Explore Bauchi

See animals play and live at one of the wildlife parks in Bauchi. Yankari Games Reserve is the most popular, but wait, there is more. Zebras, giraffes, springbox, and common impalas are some of the animals that can be found in the Sumu wildlife park.  Discover the life and times of Nigeria’s first Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa at a museum and mausoleum dedicated to him. Visit one of the highest hill peaks in Nigeria at Mbula Hills and take in the gorgeous scenery Northern Nigeria offers. Yankari National Park is a must see with the warm blue waters of the Wiki Warm Spring and a stunning variety of flora and fauna.

Join up in June with Social Prefect Tours to explore Bauchi and The Village Pot Adventures from June 24 to 26 for a weekend at Yankari.

ü Oke- Ado Mountain, Oyo

Steep hills characterize this hike into South-Western Nigeria. It has its charming history and sightings along the way. Ishagi Rock is one of them. After a climb of 369 steps, hikers are rewarded with a view of a suspended lake. You heard that right. Iyake Lake is one of the only two suspended lakes in the world and it is a great reward sighting after a slightly intense climb. This is one trip you do not want to take alone as the site is not properly developed.

Travel with Social Prefect Tours in July for this experience.

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