Top hoteliers to build inclusive, sustainability framework for hotels across the world

Jin Jiang International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. including their affiliates Jin Jiang Hotels, Louvre Hotels Group and Radisson Hotel Group, and other leading groups with 25,000 hotels total, launch an initiative to set common definition of hotel sustainability to drive responsible travel & tourism.

In a unique cooperation between the World Travel & Tourism Council, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and leading hotel companies, in consultation with distribution partners and key Tourism & Travel stakeholders, the hotel industry celebrates a responsible return to business with an initiative to raise the global basic level of hotel sustainability in a clear and transparent manner for all travellers and stakeholders.

The Basic Sustainability framework will critically deliver on a common starting point for hotel sustainability accessible to all hotel actors worldwide– whether they are part of large international Group or independents. Providing this common understanding for all hotels worldwide with actions that have a positive impact on planet and people will drive real change by stimulating the demand for responsible travel.

The Basic Sustainability framework reinforces and works in complement to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality, which aims to enable every hotel to improve their impact, whatever their starting point on their sustainability journey. and will encompass four clear stages and practical tools that guide the industry towards a regenerative impact on our planet.

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In the coming months, the hotel groups joint in this initiative, will work in close alignment with the WTTC, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and key stakeholders, on finalizing the essential sustainability actions with demonstrable positive impact, and collaborate to share tools and best practices with each other and the wider industry to ensure all hotels start on a pathway towards the targets of the COP 21 Paris Accord.

The sustainability basic framework is aligned with main aspirations such as the UNWTO Glasgow Declaration and the UNSDG’s decade of action.

Current partner groups include leading hotel companies such as Accor, Barceló Hotel Group, Huazhu including their affiliate Deutsche Hospitality, Indian Hotels Company Limited, Jin Jiang International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. including their affiliates Jin Jiang Hotels, Louvre Hotels Group and Radisson Hotel Group, Meliá Hotels International, Minor Hotels including NH Hotel Group.

Radisson Hotel Group, a participating company in the framework, is delighted to be part of the initiative.

“After the pandemic, we are pleased to see that the hotel sector is taking a coordinated and non-competitive way forward to facilitate a true and effective response to the climate change challenge we face. The Basic Sustainability framework is a step-change that will help every hotel to get started on their sustainability journey faster. This will move us at Radisson Hotel Group, together with our owners Jin Jiang International, and the whole industry closer towards the ultimate target of Net Zero and, at the same time responds to our clients’ demand for sustainable travel options that are easy to understand”, Federico J. González , CEO, Radisson Hotel Group, said.

The Basic Sustainability framework has now entered the development phase and will be launched in March 2022.

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