• Monday, February 26, 2024
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Intrigues of Guka’s ‘A Place in the Stars’


For the average movie lover, the name Steve Gukas may not strike a cord. But those who know him on the global scene will appreciate the rare creativity Gukas brings to bear in producing world class movies such as ‘Namibia – The Struggle For Liberation’, ‘Keeping Faith’, ‘Katanga’, ‘Three Scores and Ten’, ‘A life to View’, ‘Soweto’, and ‘Mr Johnson’.

The filmmaker, who has also produced and directed several of commercials and documentaries, is not done yet.

In a recent industry announcement, Native Filmworks Limited, one of Nigeria’s pioneer film & TV company, unveiled ‘A Place in the Stars’, a fantastic feature film by Steve Gukas. This time, Gukas went the extra mile to create something more enthralling than its likes. Inspired by the late Dora Akunyili, Guka’s latest movie is a riveting account of drug trafficking. It focuses on how fake and adulterated medical drugs are being traded for billions of dollars by dangerous men willing to kill to protect the money and a young man with a nagging conscience sworn to get rich or die trying in a very corrupt country.

It features some of the best actors in Nigeria and international with the likes of Segun Arinze, award winning actor, who is often identified for playing the role of a villain. Also starring in the movie are, Gideon Eche-Okeke, Dejumo Lewis, Yemi Blaq, Femi Branch, Matilda Obaseki, Julian Mcdowell, Armajit Deu and Amaka Mgbor.

Set in 2006 Nigeria, ‘A Place in the Stars’ tells the story of Kim Dakim (Gideon Okeke), a young lawyer who gets a client with a case that leaves him conflicted. He has information that can save many lives if he passes it on, but he also stands to make millions of dollars if he does not. In a very corrupt country where everyone loves money and no one cares how you make it, Kim sees this as his chance to make it big. The problem is Diokpa Okonwo (Segun Arinze), the king pin of the counterfeit medical drugs trade, who his case is against. He kills at will to protect his million dollar trade and is not pulling punches against Kim and his client. He has Kim’s client in jail and assassins out to silence Kim. Suddenly Kim is at war on two fronts; one to stay alive and the other against his conscience and everything he has been raised to believe is right.

From the story treatment to screenplay, costume and production design to the production format, cast and crew, ‘A Place in the Stars’ turned out to be an A-game performance in all.

The movie expected to bring more exciting insights in the fake and adulterated drug business across the country, was produced in conjunction with Jungle FilmWorks, Massive Entertainment, Consolidated Media Associates, Pepper Fruit Consult, MichelAngelo Productions and T-Large Media.        

Already, the producers are scheduling the premiere of the movie across major cities in the world starting with Lagos and Abuja, South Africa, Kenya, London, New York and Houston in Texas.