• Tuesday, October 03, 2023
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FITUR gets 2023 tourism season going, consolidates sector’s recovery

FITUR gets 2023 tourism season going, consolidates sector’s recovery

If you are a tourism professional or industry stakeholder, you cannot afford to miss FITUR 23, the leading sector trade fair that will take place at IFEMA Madrid from January 18 to 22, 2023.

A renowned global meeting place for tourism professionals and travellers, FITUR is a perfect opportunity to strengthen business relationships, check out the latest innovations, launch projects, and seal deals.

Not only is it an excellent opportunity to promote your brand or destination, thanks to the extensive media coverage that FITUR attracts every year, but this fair is also a magnificent showcase for highly specialised proposals that make the tourism scene so diverse and sustainable.

FITUR will also be a place to share knowledge and experience with experts in various disciplines and discover the keys to the future and sector innovations through debates and presentations by avant-garde companies.

Among other subjects that will be addressed are: big data, artificial intelligence, smart tourist destinations and start-ups. This makes it the place to spot future industry trends and guidelines for positively impacting visitors, residents, destinations, and the planet.

FITUR is business

You will also find brilliant personalised offers from other industry professionals. It is the perfect occasion to promote your brand or destination thanks to the extensive media coverage that this FITUR enjoys every year.

FITUR is specialisation

Society is evolving and tourism is a reflection of the many tastes and trends that are marking our lifestyles. FITUR has space for mass tourism and niche travel alike. Every year, the trade fair expands the showcase of the highly specialised proposals that are making the tourism scene ever more diverse and sustainable.

FITUR is knowledge

Every year, FITUR attracts experts in various disciplines to share knowledge, experience and concerns. You’ll find debates and presentations organised by the trade fair with the most innovative tourism companies to reveal the keys to the future and advances in the sector.

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FITUR is also technology, future and sustainability

This year, the fair is providing tourism professionals with the FITUR Next tool. A guide to identifying future trends in tourism and currents that will positively impact visitors, residents, destinations and the planet in terms of the economy, society, cultures and the environment.

What’s more, this year, Guatemala will be the FITUR Partner Country, giving it a major role and strategic visibility as it spreads the word about its country’s many great attractions for tourists.

In short, FITUR 23 is a magnificent opportunity for everyone involved in tourism to drive your business, discover the latest sector trends and technologies, or establish contacts or connect with other professionals.

Don’t miss it! Come to IFEMA Madrid to feel the inspiration and discover the brilliant personalised offers from other industry professionals. We care about the world, we are tourism!