• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Tear down the walls, Fashola and Bello!


I recently took a drive down Marina, and instantly I felt something was very wrong. It took me less than a second to decipher that only in Nigeria (Lagos and other cities) will God’s awesome artistic picturesque landscape be obligated by such concrete ugly monstrous atrocities called walls.

For me it is akin to burning a Rembrandt or a Van Gogh classic. Even if it is a naval yard and has to be protected, it can be a mesh wall (done with artistic finesse) and the activities taking place within can add to the beauty created by the almighty. This will in no small measure add to the ambience of the Marina, calming the frayed nerves that run through that route on a daily basis.

While we work on ‘Eko Atlantic City’, I sincerely hope it is a future green city with 22nd century facilities and not just for show. We should not forget the old ‘Lagos’, its

rich tradition, history, architectural design and beauty.

I write and speak for not only this ‘genocide’ on the Marina, but also for places like CMD road, Magodo – you are driving a few metres from Caleb Schools and all you see are walls everywhere disrupting our God-given scenic views that soothe our innermost beings.

I say, Bello, go around quickly and tear down these monsters called walls – most especially in Marina (Magodo and other abused public spaces in Lagos). Recreate the idyllic view, the soothing air flowing from them ocean given to us for free by God.