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Re: Beyond Lent: Managing the challenge of compartmentalisation


 IK Muo’s article in Businessday of March 26, 2013 on the above subject refers.

Permit me to say that it was not an ordinary write-up. It was rather a sermon or reaction to the despicable attitude of many of us as Christians or human beings who appreciate responsible living. The piece was very interesting.

We are inclined to one of the two-pronged agenda he made mention of, that is, to benefit from resurrection. We do not have any business with these priceless phenomena of life like love, forgiveness, perseverance, courage or compassion nowadays. We can only exercise these with certain conditions or adjustments or attachments.

For example, in the supposed wise life of today, why should I love you when you do not love me? Why should I forgive you when you do not forgive me? Why should I have sympathy with you when you do not do that for me? Do you think I am a foolish man to persevere and get something when someone else has not persevered and got the thing in question? Is it not sheer stupidity? It is a waste of time. Someone else should do the experiment, not me.

Do not be surprised that most people would have stopped reading that article after the first paragraph because to them the writer’s reasoning is not wise enough. It does not tally with the supposed present day wise-thinking. We want it fast. We want it now. The first of the two-pronged agenda does not match our pace, our desire, our goal and our concept. The first agenda is archaic while the second agenda, that is, benefit, is of the new school. “You are wasting our time. We do not need your advice or sermon. You talk too much. That is your business,” they’d probably be saying.

If you are looking out for these virtues in any Christian or follower of any religion of today, I am sorry. You will end up giving yourself unnecessary stress. People go to church today for business networking, not in order to imbibe the virtues of our Lord Jesus Christ. If your neighbour, friend or relative notices that you have some economic challenges, one of the best advice he thinks he will give you is that you have to change your church. You have to go to the churches that have large membership, where there are speeder miracles, especially the new generation churches. We do not believe in tomorrow any longer. That is why a student cannot exercise patience and read his/her books in order to enjoy the benefits tomorrow. That is why the public officeholder sees the public office as an avenue to amass wealth, not to use it for the benefit of the people believing in hopelessness for tomorrow.

We should give some kudos to those who change their character after leaving the religious room or compartment. What is even more in vogue is making use of a corner of the room to tell lies, backbite and hatch selfish and wicked plans.

Praying quietly is archaic too. It may not help in the strategy to obtain favour from the fellow religious members, colleagues and neighbours. You have to pray very loud so that people will notice that you are a devoted religious person that can be seen as gentle and trusted. You have to pray very loud and spend long hours praying so that, prima facie, you will be seen as a Christian or religious person. By so doing, you will win their heart and trust. This will also help you to deceive them perfectly. It is a very necessary strategy to succeed in your moves and have your way.

We need serious re-appraisal of ourselves, re-orientation and a change of attitude for the better before it is too late. May our remembrance (if at all we sincerely do) of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ and his virtues renew our attitude to life. 



Agu writes from Oworonshoki, Lagos


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