• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Obama: One term is not enough



The most powerful man in the world – Barak Obama, the President of the United States of America could never have imagined the furore provoked by his declaration at Harvard University’s “Africa Week”: “I would rather be a successful one-term President than a mediocre two-term President.”

“Fox News”, the president’s unrepentant foes went to town and ran it virtually every hour on the hour as “Breaking News” with a totally different spin on it – subtley suggesting that he is all talk but no action. “Saturday Night Live” portrayed him as a do-nothing president.

Richard Cohen of the “Washington Post” newspaper went for the President’s jugular: “He inspires a lot of affection but not a lot of awe. It is the latter though that matters most in international affairs where the greatest and most gut-wrenching tests await Obama.” To further compound matters, Obama did not do himself any favours when he addressed the United Nations: “Speeches alone will not solve our problems.”

To make matters even worse, the President of Libya, Muammer Gaddafi seized the opportunity to deliver a sarcastic bombshell at the United Nations: “I shall be very happy if Obama can stay for ever as the president.”

That kind of commendation does not exactly resonate with the American public, particularly the right wing who have been spewing out derisory slogans and puny epithets: •Obama the naïve; •Obama the hesitant; •Obama the false Messiah;

•Obama the weak; •Obama, the president who apologises for America; •Obama, the man who never gets anything done; •Obama, the president who is more loved abroad than at home.

Considering that Obama is perhaps the most famous alumnus of Harvard Law School and the first black to be editor of Harvard Law Review, Harvard went into overdrive in a rescue mission. Word quickly went round that it was time for damage control or else the White House would self-implode under its first black president. Those who are determined to be mischievous have been quick to remind us that the Harvard troops went for the overkill by nominating and delivering the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama after less than a year in office. Strangely, the “Nigerian Compass” newspaper kept the “Havard Agitators” even more agitated when it published on its front page (May 18, 2010.

Headline:(i) “2010: aspiring lawmaker swallows N21 million cocaine” “Excretes 100 pieces of powdery substance at Lagos Airport.

“I needed to reposition myself financially, says suspect. “The road to Edo State House of Assembly has ended at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, for a pharmacist who was trying to raise money for the 2011 election by pushing cocaine. According to officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the 52-year-old suspect, Eme Zuru Ayortor (a.k.a. Paul Osimele Shegee), was trying to export 2.120kg of cocaine in his stomach. The drug was valued at N21 million.

Ayortor, who was to board a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, was intercepted at the screening centre of the airport with the aid of a scanning machine.

“After undergoing observation, the pharmacist turned politician excreted 100 pieces of powdery substance that tested positive to cocaine weighing 2.120kg. The quantity also makes him the highest drug ingesting suspect since January. He claimed to have relied on his physique and social status to evade arrest, but the stratagem was not successful. Preliminary checks on him revealed that he was preparing himself financially for the forthcoming election into the Edo State House of Assembly,” NDLEA spokesman, Otoyeju Mitchell, said.