• Monday, May 20, 2024
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Enter the Dragon: A tale of two Governors (II)

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Victor Adigun

Granting concessions to attract business isn’t a bad idea. But the fact that commuters shuttling the Lagos-Ibadan expressway have to travel with their hearts in their mouths is befuddling. Tankers, double parked in specific areas along the Ogun State stretch of this road, and the makeshift community sprouting around them are an eyesore. Compounded by needlessly snarling and time-wasting traffic.
Guaranteeing easy access to land for agriculture, housing and industry is thus, in the face of this, rather rich. Maybe, because the expressway has been concessioned, it isn’t the business of Ogun State to guarantee safety on Federal roads that fall within its territory.
In Lagos, a small pilot project on teaching Nigerian children Mandarin in addition to French language and English is an indication of Fashola’s foresight. He’s learnt from hindsight. An ignorant citizenry out of tune with global dynamics will be short-changed. A new economic world order is titling to the East. And this isn’t mere PR. That would be trite. Besides, a 46.760 billion naira from the Federal government puts paid to that. On July 1st, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved the International Development Association (IDA) credit for the development of education in Lagos.

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In the words of Prof Dora Akunyili, Nigeria’s PR officer-in-chief, the approval is In view of [Lagos State] commitment to reforming the education sector, in order to improve skills and standard, and following a memo brought by the minister of finance, FEC approved the request for International Development Association (IDA) credit in the sum of $95 million for the proposed Lagos-Eko secondary education project.
In short, it’s indisputable: Fashola is light years ahead of his peers. Call it ebullience if you like. At least he’s not busy doing nothing. Lagos is the only state, so far, pushing to pass a Freedom of Information Bill. Hence, Fashola need not worry about a second term.
Much less about legislators willing to bare it all, not by being transparent as in accountable, to secure a seat in the State Assembly.
Fashola may your tribe go forth, multiply and live long!