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2015 presidential election issues (2)

Boko Haram

On Boko Haram, I submit that it is partly funded through the structures of the Constitution and can’t be extinguished without first discarding the Constitution. I also submit that a military solution to Boko Haram is not possible under the Constitution.

Who gave Boko Haram to Nigeria?

In 2012, we got this statement from Mustapha Jokolo, the former No 2 man in the Caliphate system:

Northern politicians created Boko Haram – Mustapha Jokolo, former Emir of Gwandu

http://elombah.com/index.php/articles-mainmenu/10385-northern-politicians-created-boko-harammustapha-jokolo-former-emir-of-gwandu Published on Friday, 30 March 2012 11:46

The Constitution helps to support the Boko Haram insurgency. How?

The Constitution helps to fund Boko Haram through the federal funding of the Shariya states and their governors. Being the governors of Shariyaland states, their sympathies are with Boko Haram which is campaigning for implementation of Shari’a. How much of these funds end up in Boko Haram hands needs to be investigated.

Can Boko Haram be defeated under the Constitution? Probably not, because by the structures and provisions of the Constitution,

1: The governments of the Shariyaland states will get statutory budget allocations which the Boko Haram sponsors among them can divert to their terrorist agency—Boko Haram.

2: The fifth column of Boko Haram sympathizers from those states will remain part of the Nigerian military, and will continue, from the inside, to sabotage military operations against Boko Haram as in this report by London based EAGLE EYE REPORT WORLDWIDE:

The apprehension and detention of 9 northern generals for supporting the northern insurgents has grave implications for Nigeria that makes irrelevant all talk of any election by the politicians for April 2015. The Nigerian Army can’t last as a cohesive organization for much longer.

The Junior northern officers are actively planning a coup because they know that the court marshal process of those 9 Gambari generals will invariably affect them also as they will be implicated for following direct orders of those generals.

The punishment for charge of mutiny, sabotage, treason etc charges laid against these 9 court marshalled generals in military tribunals is usually firing squad just like coup.

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3: The Boko Haram sponsors who are embedded in all levels of the Nigerian state apparatus will continue to obstruct efforts to politically defeat Boko Haram, and will supply intelligence to Boko Haram. As President Jonathan revealed back in 2012:

“Boko Haram is everywhere, in the executive arm of government, in the legislative arm of government and even in the judiciary. Some are also in the armed forces, the police and other security agencies,” Jonathan said. “Some continue to dip their hands and eat with you and you won’t even know the person who will point a gun at you or plant a bomb behind your house.”

President: Boko Haram has infiltrated govt, military, http://www.thenationonlineng.net/2011/index.php/news/32611-president-boko-haram-has-infiltrated-govt-military.html  09/01/2012; (Accessed Oct 2012)

Part of Nigeria’s difficulty in solving the Boko Haram problem is that Shariyaland has a pervasive fifth column within the Nigerian government and political parties. This fifth column is aiding and abetting Boko Haram; it consists of Shariyaland citizens who are holding positions in Nigerian governments and political parties, all the way from the Vice Presidency to party members in both the ruling PDP and the opposition APC. It includes the governors and NASS legislators from Shariyaland; it includes Shariyaland personnel in the security forces (Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Intelligence Agencies, Customs, Immigration etc.) in the media, the economy, etc.

Can you imagine Britain winning its war against Germany if it had in its cabinet, parliament, armed forces, media, banks, civil service, and every institution of British life, a huge fifth column of Germans loyal to Hitler and organized to assist Hitler?

Or can you imagine Abraham Lincoln winning the US civil war if his Vice President was a Confederate politician, his cabinet included Confederate men, the Congress still included Confederate legislators, and the Union Army was full of Confederate generals and soldiers?

That is the fundamental anomaly that Nigeria must rectify if it is to respond correctly to Boko Haram.  And that rectification requires abrogation of the 1999 Constitution.

A political solution is not possible under the Constitution because it would require the stopping of funding to the states of Shariyaland, and that would be unconstitutional.

Even a military solution is not possible under the Constitution.  Why? Under the Constitution, any army sent to fight Boko Haram will contain Muslim officers and men who have religious sympathies for Boko Haram, and who will see it as their religious duty to sabotage operations. To keep them out of the army would be impossible under the Constitution. Hence both a military and a political solution would require scrapping the Constitution.

3 The Fulani militia

On the Fulani Militia, I submit that it is an ethnic cleansing and land grabbing instrument of the Caliphate and a mortal danger to all other Nigerians, and that it can’t be curbed under the Constitution.

Attacks by these well-armed Fulani herdsmen have been reported in Oyo, Ogun, Plateau, Benue, Abia and other states. The cows they are rearing belong to the Caliphate magnates including the Sultan, emirs, governors, ministers, senior military men and high government official. The Sultan of Sokoto is the Chairman of the Board of trustees of MACBAN, the Cattle Breeders Association which is behind the Fulani herders and their Militia. MACBAN has invoked the freedom of movement sections of the Constitution to support the freedom of its cattle herders to trespass upon and destroy farms in their search for pasture for their cattle. Furthermore, there is a bill—the National Grazing Routes or Reserves bill, which seeks to carve out grazing lands for Fulani herdsmen in each state in Nigeria. Even while the bill is yet to become law, the Fulani Militia is already unilaterally enforcing it.  The Fulani Militia is Nigeria’s equivalent of the ethnic-cleansing Janjawid of Darfur.

The Fulani Militia cannot be curbed under the constitution whereby their grazing reserves are to be set up. So long as the Constitution remains, the menace of the Fulani Militia is unlikely to be curbed.

4 The Constitution:

On the Constitution, I submit that it is the godfather of corruption, as well as the codification of the sources of all the vices that plague Nigeria, and that Nigeria cannot be reformed without discarding it. Though ostensibly democratic, its frauds make it a fake-democracy constitution.

As I showed during the National Dialogue, in my piece in the Guardian titled “Four reasons  to scrap 1999 Constitution”, it contains at least four frauds and is probably the most fraudulent constitution in the world. These fatal frauds are: the “We the people” fraud; the “Federation” fraud; the “Fighting corruption” masquerade/fraud; and the “Socially responsible State” masquerade/fraud. That piece can be consulted in the Guardian of November 6 and 7, 2013. I further submit that Nigeria cannot be reformed without discarding the 1999 Constitution. That’s because these frauds make it impossible to legally compel the Nigerian state to execute any of its duties to the citizens. Any measure to reform Nigeria would require legally forcing the State to implement constitutional duties that it is already licensed to ignore.