• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Criticism pours in as UK ban care workers from bringing dependants

The UK’s decision to ban overseas care workers, including Nigerians from bringing dependents has faced severe criticism from affected individuals and the public.

Critics have condemned the policy’s rigidity and timing as the UK is currently facing a shortage of healthcare workers, resulting in the 120,000 new dependants visas granted in Q3.

The UK Home Office announced that “From today, care workers entering the UK on Health and Care Worker visas can no longer bring dependents. This is part of our plan to deliver the biggest-ever cut in migration.”

The announcement sparked unfavourable reactions from the public who cited concerns over care workers’ willingness to relocate without their families. They believe the law will discourage qualified persons with initial intentions of relocating to fill vacant roles.

“Immigrants with the experience and manpower you need will have to stop coming then. The UK isn’t the only place to go. Cos how can you ask a person to come serve you but leave their families behind. How are they supposed to concentrate and give the job their best?!!
The people making these decisions don’t think things through at all,” @Ada_Ojilibeka on X.

“Expecting someone with a spouse and children not to relocate their family for work in the UK is an unreasonable demand. It overlooks family unity and support, especially in the context of significant life changes such as Intl relocation. They have to choose bw career & family,” @nkechi_first on X.

Some persons criticize the new law, expressing fears about its impact on the already struggling healthcare system.

“Many people are going to get overworked because of this. Nurses are leaving the UK for USA and other countries and now the government is targeting the only workforce that supports Nurses. A huge thanks to all those working in the UK Healthcare system. You are highly appreciated. RishiSunak, Tory…Brace for Impact,”@Dieux_oint on X.

“14% of UK citizens are immigrants. 19% of NHS & care staff are immigrants. This policy will disincentivise immigrants wishing to work in the NHS & care sector. This policy will cause more NHS & care staff shortages, lead to longer NHS waits and increased care costs,” @anataboga on X.

In 2023, care workers and home carers accounted for 91 percent of the 146,477 ‘Skilled Worker Health and Care’ visas granted in 2023. Of these, 18,143 were care workers who had left Nigeria to seek employment in the United Kingdom.

Some Nigerians see the new ban on care worker-dependent sponsorship as a wake-up call to develop Nigeria’s healthcare sector and retain its best talents as a measure to strengthen the workforce.
“This is getting serious, nothing like making our dear own country work. Enough of see finish,” @Tyanju_mi on X.

“Sooner or later, everybody will stay put in their country to create what they need and never to go for another man’s own,” @GOofFCT on X.

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