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Lola Adeyemi, Founder and CEO at Mentoring Her

Lola Adeyemi is a Clinician, researcher, and public health specialist in the public and private sector across different continents and industries, and also a consultant for various international public health organisations.

She has never faced a problem she didn’t want to solve, or a situation she couldn’t make better through hard work, strategic thinking, and an innovative spirit. “Whether starting my own preventative health company, launching a healthcare technology app, or beginning a social impact company that empowers young women to pursue their dreams and reach the highest heights, I never give up until I drastically improve people’s lives and their communities.” She says.

Adeyemi is passionate about increasing access to healthcare and improving people’s quality of life – particularly in Africa. As the Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Magna Carta Health, she changed the game in preventative healthcare in Nigeria. As COO, she bridges health care gaps and increases access to healthcare.

“I am always striving to expand my impact. My newest entrepreneurial pursuits include building an app that helps doctors better serve communities by increasing access to care and launching a platform that connects female mentees.” Says Lola.

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She bagged her medical degree at Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State, Nigeria, Masters degree in Public Health from John Hopkins and a Masters degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard.

When she is not busy dismissing the status quo, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and reading books by John Grisham, Sheryl Sandberg and The Dali Lama, authors as diverse as her interests. She loves sharing her experience and insight as an advisor to other entrepreneurs beginning start-ups.

On channelling your inner ‘girl boss’ and succeeding as an entrepreneur, she advices women to have a rock solid idea, by using being underestimated to your advantage. She says you must channel your girl power to consider all sides of your idea and make sure that you can outwit the biggest naysayers. “In the entrepreneurial life, you have to be the best to succeed. To be a woman entrepreneur, you must be better than the best to overcome many implicit biases you’ll face along your journey.” States Lola.

She also emphasises on the importance of deep diving into your research. For her, an idea is one thing, but implementation trumps knowledge, therefore, you must cover all aspects of your idea and research everything about it.

She insists that you must grow your ‘village’, as women helping women is what will change our world, and also invest in personal branding.

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