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Women in Business: Adeyinka Adekoya

Adekoya started her professional career with Lambert Willis & Associate (Insurance Brokers). She spent 23 years at Law Union and Rock where she rose through the ranks gathering experience in the technical department. Prior to joining Wapic, Adekoya was the Head, Institutional Business Development Division at Cornerstone Insurance. She was appointed Managing Director of Wapic Insurance Plc on November 1, 2015. Adekoya has a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Business Administration both from the University of Lagos. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria and an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London.

Wapic Insurance Plc is a leading West African full line insurance company offering a diverse range of products and services covering life, general and special risk businesses. They were founded in 1958 and licensed to underwrite all classes of insurance, such as fire and special perils, goods-in-transit, all risk insurance and so on.

Over the last half century, Wapic has garnered experience across Nigeria in risk management and underwriting, and assisting corporate entities and individuals with various classes of cover.

Sharing on how WAPIC prides herself in meeting the needs of their clients, she says “It makes a lot of sense to say that Wapic has done its homework by developing products that are tailored towards specific needs and with enticing benefits to go with them. The products basically give one the chance of efficiently amassing reserves, towards meeting commitments and carrying a life cover. So, this implies that for the period you save, you are covered.”

A while back, an ombudsman desk was established by WAPIC Insurance Plc. for better relationship with their clients so they can have a clearer perspective of insurance.

The Ombuds’ process is an Alternate Dispute Resolution yet informal medium wherein an aggrieved customer of the company may lodge complaints and grievances over the telephone, email, letters, physical visit to the Ombuds’ office and within the shortest time possible, the customers’ Ombudsman will collate data/information from both parties and informally engage parties towards with an amicable resolution of the complaint.

According to Adeyinka, “It is a feat for us as an organisation and this also buttresses our vision, which is to transform and illuminate the insurance industry for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders, as well as our mission, which is leading in all that is worthy,”

“Our customers should know that we are continuously transparent in our business operations. Our goal is to continue to strengthen business relationships,” she revealed.

In wanting to provide travellers with effective insurance, their Travel Insurance product was launched by Adekoya. “We launched the Travel Insurance product because we are investing in sensitizing our customers and prospects about the benefits of buying travel insurance through our various digital channels. The idea is to increase product awareness and patronage and also to elicit interest and on-going debate in the public domain on the relevance and importance of Travel Insurance for the protection of life and personal property.”

Known to many as a go-getter, Adeyinka is described by her colleagues and associates as a result driven woman who never gives up on what she believes in as she works hard to bring the task to fruition. Intelligent, focused, determined and courageous are few words that best describes her.

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