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I am music’s messenger – Yemi Alade

Popular singer, Yemi Alade, has said she sees herself as a messenger of music. The Johnny crooner said she loves music so much, which is the only way she can explain what art means to her.

“I love music. It is the one thing that I’m incredibly gifted at. I am deeply rooted and connected to music. For me, it’s therapy, life and it has chosen me as a messenger. That’s how I can explain it.”

Indeed, her love for music would be her driving force as Yemi has remained relevant in the industry against all odds and she said she will remain relevant, no matter how tough it gets.

She said, “The reality of the matter is that the music industry has always been tough. Even before I showed any interest in music, it was tough and will continue to be tough. But you know what they say about tough situations, only the strongest will survive.”

Indeed, Yemi doesn’t slack. Even with her hit songs that have gained her popularity, the young woman has remained unstoppable, dishing out new vibes all the time, with her latest called Tomorrow.

Talking about the new song, Yemi said, “‘Tomorrow’ is a special song to me. It is a dance/conscious-oriented song that reminds us of the endless possibilities and a second chance that ‘Tomorrow’ gives every one of us. It was borne from bare melodies that manifested into words that everyone could relate to. I am glad that the song gained massive acceptance since its release and the whole world is dancing to it.

“Growing up, African Pop music was a mixture of music that carries messages and helps us through different situations in life. This album is a blend of what my playlist consists of right now; the new and old pop music that cuts across generations and boundaries. I am generally known as someone who has always charted her course and walked the path less travelled.

“I am a true rebel in words and action. So many albums tend to have monotony in genre and style and it bores me easily most times. This album has something new, old and borrowed. I want to emphasize to you that every song is unique a capsule of my thoughts and melodies and a truckload of nostalgia.

Yemi is one of the most travelled musicians in Nigeria she wonders how and when she finds time to record and write new songs.

She explained by saying, “There will always be time for the things that are most important and writing music is something I always do with ease on the road as I make voice notes very frequently and later create the production.

“I like to visit new food spots that have excellent reviews and when I feel like I need new stimuli, I go to a new country and get a villa to myself with a personal chef and a view that’s breathtaking. It relaxes me immensely.”

Away from her music, Yemi hardly talks about her personal life.

When asked if she was in a relationship she said, “I would like people to continue to focus on the things that I am willing to share with them, which is the music. The focus is my music. Please run up the numbers people.”

But when asked what fame has deprived her of she said, “My Personal space and sometimes freedom of expression without being judged.”

Yemi also said she doesn’t have any worries at the moment both in her life and career because “All my worries have been cast on God.”


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