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A guide to experiencing Greece in Lagos: Mykonos on the roof

One of the striking wonders of Lagos is how it can practically morph into anything, providing us with the pleasure of experiencing different cultures on a spot; be it through music, food and any other medium. The art and culture scene in Lagos is deep rooted and can be felt wholesomely; in fact, there is no denying its presence.

One of the many gifts Lagos has provided us with is the ability to experience cultures; partly or wholly. Through music, food and now; even restaurant ambience provides this beautiful experience only Lagos can give.

A number of foreign cultures can be proudly found in Lagos, especially in the form of restaurants. It is not out of place for these restaurants to make the art and culture powerhouse of Africa their abode, it is quite welcome even. It is just a gift that keeps on giving.

Themed restaurants are not uncommon and in Lagos, themed restaurants create an atmosphere that provide an unforgettable dining experience for visitor; it is a creative way to appeal to guests.

Theming is used to attract guests to create a memorable experience. For example, apart from the food, an Arab themed restaurant would have elements of decor that can be found in the Arabian culture; giving visitors a mind trip.

Theming is giving a whole new meaning to overall customer satisfaction; it is the new way restaurants now provide a unique dining experience for guests. Thanks to the concept of restaurant theming; themed restaurants provide their guests with some kind of simulation of the real deal.
Themed restaurants give guests a semblance of an alternate reality, it is a reference to a particular demographic or culture.

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One of those themed restaurants is “Mykonos of The Roof” that is seeking to give guests an out-of-body experience of Greek Island it was named after. It is located at Ogbunike street, Lekki; it is a creative adaptation of the famous Greek party island “Mykonos”, it is an island found in the Cyclades group of the Aegean Sea. It is a breathtaking city known for its beauty and amazing white walls, summer party atmosphere and vivid nightlife; the restaurant is modelled to give guests that “paradise” feel that can only be associated with the famous island.

You can consider it a personal ode to the Greek Island; a worthy one at that.
The Island took its name from the grandson of the Greek god “Apollo”, even the island’s architecture is distinct! Imagine experiencing all that history and beauty in the heart of Lagos.

It is a rooftop restaurant that conveniently overlooks the Lagos lagoon and the Ikoyi link bridge (which definitely contributes to the Greek Island aesthetics).
It is known for its amazing view that is a sight to behold, amazing décor that is minimalist but still gives off the Greek opulence, nice staff, amazing finger foods and music.
The destination bar opened in November of 2019 and since then has garnered a sturdy reputation in thoughtfully giving guests a make-believe Greek island experience.
Its opening hours are between 2pm-2am daily.

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