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Top 100 SMEs Awardees 2023

BusinessDay held an awards ceremony to recognize the top 100 small and medium-sized enterprises in Nigeria that had achieved growth and success despite the challenging business conditions in the country.

These enterprises, from a variety of sectors, had made a significant impact on Nigeria’s entrepreneurship landscape in the previous year.

Check out some of the awardees below

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1. Bright Sekoni, CEO Audacia Properties

Audacia Properties is a 21st-century Property Technology Company provides uncomplicated real estate solutions, possessing the knowledge required for acquiring and investing in secure properties. The company is determined to simplify the journey for clients, imparting boldness and confidence while guiding them through their real estate adventures.

CEO of Pocket Food

2.Omolara Olarerin, Pocket Food Inc

Pocketfood rapidly gained popularity among busy professionals seeking tasty, affordable, and punctual meal deliveries. In less than a year, it evolved into the preferred platform for personalized nutrition subscriptions, automating and simplifying food ordering in Nigeria. Utilizing an OS, it recommends healthy meal plans based on user data, reshaping nutrition perceptions and promoting a health-centric lifestyle. Pocketfood envisions constant improvement, a simple digital product fostering happiness and health, and becoming the leading trusted brand in Africa’s meal delivery sector.

Friska Farms CEO

3. Usman Imanah, Fiska Farms Limited

Friska Farms Limited, a pioneering Agribusiness Manufacturing entity, is dedicated to providing sustainable nutrition, health, and wellness solutions. Specializing in natural products like Herbal Teas, Baby Cereals, and Snacks, each item is carefully curated with certifications from NAFDAC and the US FDA, ensuring quality and safety. With a presence in over 2000 outlets across Nigeria, as well as in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and the USA, Friska Farms is committed to global community nourishment, prioritizing excellence for a healthier tomorrow.


4. Yvonne Chioma Ofodile, Zetile Corporation

Yvonne Chioma Ofodile, with a decade in oil, gas, and social enterprise, holds an MBA from Lagos Business School. As Managing Director at Zetile Oil and Gas Ltd and CEO of Zetile Stores Limited, she spearheads value across the oil and gas chain. Yvonne is also the visionary founder of 360 Woman Africa, impacting 12,000+ women entrepreneurs. A renowned public speaker, she addresses topics like “Monetizing Passion” at prestigious conferences globally.


5. Olayemi Olamiju, 5th Element Media Agency

Olayemi Olamiju, CEO of Fifth Element Creative Media Agency, is a visionary brand strategist and consumer psychologist with over a decade of entrepreneurial journey. Graduating in Psychology and Account planning, he furthered his education at Business School Netherlands in 2023, focusing on African advertising communication revolution. Olayemi excels in delivering innovative brand strategies and has mentored youth, earning certifications from APCON, NIM, and CIM, reflecting his impactful contributions to marketing.

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6. Dr Yetty Ogunnubi, The YD Company

YD Company is a leading integrated PR and marketing communications firm specializing in corporate, consumer, and lifestyle brands. With a focus on results-driven solutions, they excel in creating powerful PR campaigns, managing events, and enhancing brand visibility. Recognized with prestigious awards, YD is dedicated to building brands with innovative strategies for continuous growth.

Ub Portrait

7.Mrs Olamide Jasmine(Partner), Arcs & Glass Ltd

Ub Portrait

8.Ubong Ita, Kobo Accountant Africa

Established in 2017, Koboaccountant is an innovative Finance Technology and Services company operating in Nigeria and Rwanda. With pillars in Technology, Services, and People, it aims to revolutionize Africa’s Finance and Accounting sector, empowering one million businesses and 100,000 Finance Professionals. As Africa’s first fully remote financial service company, Koboaccountant leverages cloud solutions and its flagship product, ëtiaba, to deliver comprehensive financial services, achieving global recognition.

Adesuwa Edokpolor

9. Adesuwa Edokpolor, Seolahm Consulting Limited

Seolahm Consulting Limited is a boutique financial consultancy firm duly registered in Nigeria, with the Corporate Affairs Commission, C.A.C. in 2022. They provide customized financial solutions to individuals and corporations alike.

FineBrick CEO

10.  Oladeji Adeboye, CEO Fine Bricks Properties & Investment Limited

FineBricks Properties and Investment Limited, a pioneering real estate firm, specializes in residential, commercial, industrial, and special use categories. With a genuine commitment to reducing Nigeria’s housing deficit, they target specific market segments, offering value-for-money engagements. Proud of their landmarks, achieved through collaboration and synergy with stakeholders, they are real estate professionals with first-hand expertise, delivering pristine, striking designs with excellence. Their mission is to make the desirable accessible.

yjgrtj (2)

11. Ochuko Iyogwoya, Melodia Coding Academy

Melodia Coding Academy is a software development training and job placement company, specializing in intensive coding courses for immediate employment readiness. Their program emphasizes hands-on training, delivered by certified professionals, with a curriculum designed for specialization in various software engineering fields. Having trained around 2000 students, Melodia has established strong industry partnerships, facilitating successful job placements with companies like Union Bank and GII Microfinance Bank.

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12. Dr Samson Olatunde Knowledge Digest Africa

Established on March 28, 2022, Knowledge Digest Africa is a one-stop digital knowledge bank platform founded by Africans for African businesses. Focused on educating and empowering one million African career professionals and business leaders, it provides easily digestible life skills content to create transgenerational wealth and lasting relevance. Enriching professionals and leaders, it aims to generate market trends and bridge business resilience gaps in Africa.


13. Mr. Steve ‘Oni’, Akpoveta House of Oni

House of Oni is an alternative concept event organization founded in 2009 in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. Our brand of entertainment is poised to deliver a unique blend of three diverse cultures (European, American & African). We are at the forefront of atypical social events which cater to the needs of people seeking mature social adventure and a conceptual change in social networking and fun. Since our inception in Nigeria, we have grown our clientele to include Lounges, Churches, Banks, and some Government agencies.

Ade' Olowojoba

14. Ade Olowojoba, Nerdz Factory Company Limited

At NerdzFactory we do not just confront these challenges; we transform them into stepping stones towards prosperity. The urgency of our mission echoes in the statistics, and with every innovation, every child educated, every youth upskilled and every technological access, we pave the way for an Africa where shared prosperity isn’t just a vision but a lived reality.Join us as we embark on this transformative journey—where challenges become catalysts for a brighter and more prosperous future.


15.Toluwase Olaniyan, Worden HCD Limited

WordenHCD Limited is a dynamic and innovative Human-Centered Design (HCD) consultancy company that excels in creating user-centric solutions across various industries. Established with a mission to revolutionize the way organizations approach design challenges, WordenHCD Limited combines creativity, empathy, and cutting-edge methodologies to deliver impactful and human-centered outcomes.

Mrs Iyobosa Sorae

16.Iyabosa Sorae, Pershing Hills Elementary

Pershing Hills is a pioneering force, established since 2019, is dedicated to nurturing and educating children. Their mission is to guide inquisitive and independent children, preparing them for a future of diverse opportunities. Recognizing individual needs, they collaborate with parents, ensuring essential developmental milestones for thriving in the years ahead.

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17. Jeremiah Mayowa, Jeroid Ltd

Jeremiah Mayowa, a visionary entrepreneur in his twenties with a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Lagos, is the driving force behind Jeroid. Starting with Jeroid Reporters in 2013, he ventured into cryptocurrency trading in 2017, introducing Jeroid retail crypto trading. Mayowa’s keen market understanding led to the 2021 launch of the Jeroid crypto trading app, followed by Jeroid Properties in 2022. In 2023, the Jeroid V2 app was released, reflecting Mayowa’s commitment to innovation and democratizing cryptocurrency opportunities, positioning Jeroid as a leader in digital finance.

Photo - Chinonso Ogbogu

18. Chinonso Ogbogu, Sabi Writers Limited

Sabi Writers is Africa’s award-winning writing company. We provide premium, fast, and end-to-end writing solutions to individuals, organisations, and government institutions. We save you time, energy, money, and stress by meeting all your content writing and editorial needs.


19. ESV Ikeoluwa Alakija ANIVS, PPC Properties Ltd

Established as Peak Performance Consulting in 2007, PPC Properties Ltd specializes in constructing, renovating, and managing high-quality commercial and residential properties. A leader in luxury, premium, and classic furniture making, they focus on achieving desired living and work environments through space transformations. With a portfolio encompassing various property projects, they assure clients of competence and excellence in delivering value while maintaining project scope, time, and cost balance.

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20. Mrs. O, C&C and Co Luxury Ltd

C&C and Co. epitomizes the art of bespoke gifting and unparalleled concierge services, meticulously crafting opulent experiences and lavish tokens of affection that transcend time and create indelible memories. Our exquisite offerings cater to a discerning clientele, including cherished loved ones, esteemed clients, distinguished individuals, valued stakeholders, exclusive corporate gatherings, and opulent weddings. Elevate your life’s tapestry with C&C services, where we take pleasure in curating the sublime and the exceptional, all for the singular purpose of gifting you the grandeur of everlasting happiness.

CEO of PT World

21. Solomon Ihiale, Progressive Technologies PT World Limited

Progressive Technologies Ptworld Limited is a registered Nigerian e-commerce and physical ICT products company founded on 14th November 2014, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with its head office situated in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos State.
It offers a third-party sales marketplace/extension and first-party direct retail spanning various categories including consumer premium electronic gadgets such as computers & accessories, iPhones, laptops, headphones, backup storage devices, and other ICT premium products.
The company also has a logistics service with further affiliation with GIG, which enables timely delivery of items, with premium support services that enable before and after-sales external supports/services.

ceo of Parallax Media

22.   Peace Osayuwamen Saleh, Parallax Consulting Ltd

Parallax Media is the media arm of Parallax Consulting Ltd with a core focus on production of conscious contents suited for various platforms and audiences that showcases Africa and will change the African Narrative. We create, stream and distribute, talk shows, podcasts, short films, adverts, documentaries, PR and marketing contents for Individuals and Corporate clients. Our goal is to drive the right conversations that evokes cultural, and national transformation.
Talk shows, audio-visual contents still remain one of the major avenues to connect to a wide audience and drive social change and we believe if done professionally and with this consciousness in mind we can achieve this change.
At Parallax Media, we engage collaborative partners, we build content from Ideation to execution and launch/distribution, we plan and execute events, we are involved with media placement and PR for corporate and individual clients.


23.   Mrs. Olawunmi Ibifiri Ekine, Turningpoint Eventz

Olawunmi Ibifiri Ekine, the visionary CEO of Turningpoint Empire, began her entrepreneurial
journey two decades ago with just a thousand naira, transforming her venture into a thriving
event company. A proud native of Ogun State, at 51, she holds a degree in Theatre Arts from
the University of Port Harcourt, complemented by a Diploma in Catering and Hospitality. With
specialized training in Venue Styling and Floral Design from Preston Bailey Design in the USA,
Olawunmi is celebrated for her event design expertise. Beyond business, she passionately
leads the charitable initiative “Wed For Free,” assisting couples in need. Olawunmi champions
the belief in the limitless potential of the human mind, exemplified by her remarkable life journey.


24.   Andre Bassey, AJ Hybury Industries Ltd

Profile: Hybury Consulting focuses on enhancing businesses through the integration of modern models, utilizing existing resources to unlock potential. They assist clients in viewing opportunities from a fresh perspective, bridging the gap between current and potential achievements. Hybury builds on existing systems, upgrading them with modern solutions, addressing challenges in business strategy, management, employment, marketing, and organization. Their mission is to establish high-level business systems, setting industry standards, while their vision is to lead industries through innovative business systems. Services include consulting, business management, staff recruitment, digital transformation, and marketing. They continually strive for improvement and operate a subsidiary company, Obudu Natural Honey.


25.  Oluchi Nancy Alapini, Cohil Travels Ltd

Profile -Cohil Travels, a full-service agency, specializes in personalized travel planning for individuals, families, and businesses. Their mission is to inspire exploration by curating unique travel experiences, offering services like vacation planning, airline ticketing, accommodation booking, transportation, and more. With personalized service, expertise, an extensive network, and 24/7 support, Cohil Travels aims to provide hassle-free and memorable travel experiences. They also excel in group travel, corporate services, and offer destination recommendations with a focus on exceptional customer service.


26.  Banire Olayinka, Sharafa August 2428 Nigeria Limited

Oja.ng is an indigenous online market and a brand of August2428 Nigeria Limited with the RC number 1088311 which was established in 2011 that procures the most detailed and productive strategies for your purchasing needs and food management.
Oja.ng is designed with the vision to take the STRESS off busy working-class individuals/organizations from going to the open market. We also have the intention of supplying and delivering raw and fresh farm produce, groceries, foodstuffs, condiments etc. to their doorsteps simply by placing an order online on our platform – www.Oja.ng to place an order.


27.  Joseph Ebenezer Osarhiemen Credevnet Technologies

A full service Tech digital solution agency whose unique approach is driven by fusing traditional and new methods to develop quality robust solution at speed, while retaining a personal touch and fastidious attitude to planning. .

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28.   Imelda Usoro Olaoye Thinkmint Nigeria

Thinkmint Nigeria is a registered marketing company that specializes in digital marketing for leads generation, real estate transactions, conferences and PR with a focus on the real estate sector. Its platform www.thinkmint.ng/buyrealestate lists off-plan properties, in partnership with approved property developers for early entry by investors and homeowners accessing payment plans of up to 5 years , depending on the property type without the hassle of agency fee for the buyer. All properties are verified and can be purchased via mortgage .


29.   Dr Emmanuel, Paddy Iyamu DP Foundation

Dr. Paddy Emmanuel Iyamu, a philanthropist and accomplished professional, is dedicated to making a significant impact in Africa. From academic excellence to a distinguished career in Human Resources Management, he excels in maritime security and entrepreneurship. His philanthropic efforts through The Dr. Paddy Foundation have garnered numerous accolades, reflecting his commitment to positive change locally and globally.


30.   Ifeoma Owuka, JC POPS LTD.

JC POPS LIMITED is an Ice Popsicle production company located in Abuja, Nigeria.
Vision & Mission- Our mission is happiness! We exist to make sure that our popsicles bring happiness to everyone who has a taste of our popsicles. Established in 2019.

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31.   Olusubomi Hassan Nucleusis Africa

Nucleusis Africa- Nucleusis is a technology company focused on equipping HMOs, Care providers, and businesses with the requisite technology to manage operations and access data and finance in the most seamless, swift, and secure way possible.


32.  Osamede Evbakhavbokun, Medessy Enterprises Limited

Medessy Enterprises Limited is a business solutions provider focused on providing technology and transportation solutions to corporate organizations and retail customers alike. A duly incorporated limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria, Medessy Enterprises Ltd. started its operations in 2012 as an ecommerce company delivering convenient shopping to consumers over the internet. The company however has since diversified from ecommerce into other service areas.

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33.   Tobi Asehinde, Digital Marketing Skill Institute

Originating from a university bedroom, our EdTech company has evolved into a global entity, training over 115,000 people in 37 countries across 4 continents. Remarkably, we’ve achieved this without any venture capital, relying entirely on customer funding. Our focus is on customer success, long-term thinking, and delivering top-quality training and consulting products. We prioritize value over pricing, aiming to be the best in the business.

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34.  Bukky Asehinde, Bellafricana

Bellafricana is a tech-enabled community empowering creative entrepreneurs in fashion, arts, beauty, and more. Founded by Bukky Asehinde, the platform originated from her desire for a connection to home goods. Evolving from e-commerce, it transformed into a supportive “creative family” fostering visibility and growth for businesses.

HeadShot- VU Obioma

35.    Mr. Victor Uche Obioma, VicFaus Integrated Solutions Ltd.

VicFaus Integrated Solutions Limited was incorporated in 2017 to offer products/services like engine oils, and operations vehicle spare parts which were constantly in demand by customers of our parent company- VIEWS GROUP Co. but were not provided. Our Founder seeing a gap, rose to the occasion to close them; and in the process opened up other business channels which today have positioned the group into a growing global brand with several business interests, offering diverse services/solutions.


36.   Dr. Ayobami Alo, Axial Pacific Realty Ltd

Axial Pacific Realty is a reputable real estate company committed to providing exceptional residential properties and fostering a high standard of living. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Axial Pacific Realty has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.
The company’s expertise lies in the development of residential estates that combine modern amenities, sustainable design, and a strong sense of community. By carefully selecting prime locations, Axial Pacific Realty ensures that their projects offer convenience, accessibility, and future growth potential.

Fikayo (2)

37.    Fikayo Babatunde, The SME Mall

The SME Mall is a business support services digital toolkit. It is built to help small companies to access business support services in a simple and modular manner. The SME Mall thus ensures value creation and management between the users and the ecosystem. We are a full life cycle platform that supports companies frominception to scale – your business life partner.

Ifeoma Profile Pic

38.   Ifeoma Uddoh, Shecluded

Shecluded is a funding company that provides debt and equity capital to women in business. Through its tailored financial products, training, incubation, and accelerator programs, advocacy efforts, capacity development initiatives, and exclusive focus on gender lens investing. The company serves women entrepreneurs through four key units: Shecluded Finance, Shecluded Hub, Shecluded Ventures, and the Shecluded Foundation. While Shecluded Finance provides business loans and insurance products to women, the Shecluded Hub offers entrepreneurship development solutions through training, incubation, and accelerator programs in addition to co-working facilities and community benefits.

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39.  Mobolaji Ajayi, Purelife Pharmacy

Purelife Pharmacy offers an integrated approach to total wellness by offering essential pharmacy services in our communities and carving out a niche by providing world class pharmaceutical care, excellent counseling services and educating individuals on available options for obtaining complete healthcare solutions. We are a leading integrative health and lifestyle store in Nigeria. We have our head office in Lagos and 2 other branches across the country (our vision is to open 3 more stores before the end of the year and 7 stores in 2023 across Nigeria). We are a wholesale and retail brand for prescriptions, OTC medications, vitamins and supplements, cosmetics, beauty & spa products, groceries, and hospital equipment.


40.  Ms Wummi Jubril,CEO The SRS Collection

Wumi Jubril, a seasoned hospitality and tourism specialist with over 12 years of experience, holds a master’s degree in International Business Management. Currently CEO of The Seattle Residences and Spa, part of the SRS Collection, she has played a pivotal role in establishing the group as a leading luxury hospitality brand in West Africa. Wumi’s career includes a Sales Executive role in Budapest and significant contributions to Starwood Hotels, where she rose to Head of Business Development, Outbound Sales, West Africa. With a passion for wine and fine dining, Wumi leads a strong team, shaping unique experiences and maximizing business performance.

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41.  Fauzziyah Isiak, Fauzziyah’s Honey

Fauzziyah’s Honey, founded by renowned beekeeper Fauzziyah Isiak, distinguishes itself as Nigeria’s most followed honey brand, emphasizing authenticity and a commitment to only selling what is harvested. The brand prioritizes traditional beekeeping methods, sustainability, and environmental consciousness throughout its comprehensive value chain. Fauzziyah’s Honey is unique for offering raw, unprocessed honey, retaining natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health benefits. Harvested exclusively from wild bees in diverse natural environments, the honey’s distinct flavor profiles contribute to biodiversity and ecosystem health. Engaging in every stage of the beekeeping and honey harvesting process, the brand ensures top quality, supported by certifications from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. Fauzziyah’s Honey stands as a testament to ethical and responsible beekeeping practices, delivering unparalleled quality to consumers.


42.   Odia Victoria, VSP Botanics Limited

A leading beauty brand in Africa, established in 2019.

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43.   Mrs. Linda Obi AfriHealth Limited

Afrihealth addresses the healthcare challenges in Africa, the second-largest continent, where many face barriers to quality healthcare due to cost, distance, and inadequate infrastructure. Committed to accessibility, the organization develops health-tech solutions, including telemedicine services and a pharmaceutical e-commerce platform. Their innovative track-and-trace product aims to combat counterfeit medications, contributing to the improvement of Africa’s healthcare system. Afrihealth’s mission revolves around the belief that everyone, regardless of income or location, deserves access to quality healthcare, embodying a commitment to bridging critical gaps in the continent’s healthcare landscape.

New Project

44.   Mr. Osaze Omigie, Karis & Sazii Ltd.

Karis & Sabi is a Full Fledged integrated marketing Solutions agency that designs and execute with the Sixth sense. We believe that our teamwork, Creativity and expertise combined with a focused planning process will ensure that we deliver ideas and executions/ implementations that have an authentic and powerful impact on the Client’s bottom line.
To build a world Class organization that attracts international brands, position them in Nigeria & Africa Markets, as well as develop local brands to meet international Standards.


45.  Mr. Mustapha Suberu, Capsa Technology

Capsa Technology, a pioneering fintech company, aims to revolutionize financial avenues for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Their mission is to bridge the financial gap for SMEs by providing efficient alternative finance solutions, ensuring every business can thrive in today’s dynamic environment. The Capsa Advantage lies in their Alternative Finance Exchange, a digital platform transforming invoice factoring with transparency and efficiency. By connecting investors with SMEs seeking quick capital access, Capsa empowers businesses to receive early payments on receivables, eliminating prolonged waits. Additionally, they optimize cash flow for larger corporations by facilitating the effective extension and sale of payables to investors. Capsa envisions being the driving force behind SMEs’ financial transformation, fostering a future of inclusive and dynamic financial ecosystems.


46.   Otiyo-Abila Cynthia, Cynthia Abila Studios

Established in 2016 by Cynthia Otiyo-Abila, *Cynthia Abila* is a fashion brand blending African heritage with modernity. Catering to the ethno-centric woman, the brand revives traditional stories through contemporary silhouettes. The Cynthia Abila woman seamlessly merges cultural heritage with modern life, embodying a global citizen deeply connected to her roots. Renowned for classic tailoring and sustainability, the brand’s craftsmanship reflects the founder’s heritage. Operating from Nigeria, they draw inspiration from tribal customs, promoting local craftsmanship and providing employment for women. With a design philosophy for the fashion-forward woman rooted in timeless African beauty, Cynthia Abila aims to showcase the enduring elegance of African culture in the modern fashion landscape, marrying tradition with a global impact.

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47.  Managing Partner, AESEWA S. ADEOYE. LLB (Hons), BL, LLM (Oil &

Worrington is a full-service law firm which focuses on providing legal services to start ups the provision of exceptional legal services to its clients which, we strive to achieve by having a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, thereby providing a tailored service. Our firm has established a reputation over many years through the work we have been involved. We can achieve this feat by partnering with various organizations locally and further afield including government, its’ agencies, and departments, this enables us to share know-how across industries and jurisdictions. We comfortably assist both local and international clients in developing innovative structures for their businesses, while ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations.
Our collaborative efforts are great for our clients who look to us for legal expertise but also for advice on business issues and market opportunities.


48.  Abbas Saraki,  Imkash Group

Imkash Group Ltd. is your reliable plug for services in the oil and gas and other sectors industry. Our services include: Human Resource Management and Consultancy, Logistics, Car Rental, Procurement and General Contracting.
We have the requisite licenses and permits matched with highly regarded experts with the skill sets to deliver top-notch services on time-sensitive projects.
With Ingenuity, Motivation, Knowledge, Accuracy, Safety and Hospitality, IMKASH is deliberate at offering clients with the best experience. We already enjoy the patronage of both domestic and international clients. It will be an incredible pleasure to serve you!
Please contact us at our physical address: Suite C204, 1st Floor. Garki Mall, Damaturu Crescent, Garki II, FCT-Abuja. Or via +2348181232333, [email protected]


49.  Sampson Malachy Co-founder – Maxtreme Inc