• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Trivhunt app to boost African professionals ready to learn, earn, network

Trivhunt app, an online platform for talents and recruiters has launched in Nigeria and Africa to reward professionalism through career-related quizzes.

The app is designed for rising professionals who are seeking to maximize their employability and earning potential.

Adedayo Falusi in a statement stated that the App, which was launched on September 17, 2023, is a unique initiative designed specifically for rising Nigerian and African professionals, offering them an unparalleled opportunity to increase their earning power, while also enhancing their professional skills.

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Programmed to encompass the LEN objective (Learn, Earn, Network), Trivhunt transforms the way professionals approach their careers. With these, Trivhunt stands as edtech, fintech and professional/social networking platform.

Falusi said: “We have spotted a gap in the tertiary education and industry knowledge that contributes to the continuous rise of unemployment and underemployment in Nigeria and Africa at large. That’s why we decided to build Trivhunt as a digital product to contribute in combating the trend, closing the gap between tertiary education and industry knowledge, to increase the employability of rising professionals in Nigeria and Africa at large.”

He added: “While closing this gap and making them more employable, we also want to ensure that their earning power is improved when they showcase a mastery of their expertise through quizzes to gain rewards. Lastly, we want Nigerians and Africans to network and connect while also retaining a sense of ownership with Trivhunt, brought to them by their very own fellow countryman as opposed to the common social networking platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.”

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Trivhunt community users are referred to as Trivhunters. The App is designed as a 2-way, user-login interface, which is UAT – Use as Talent and UAR – Use as Recruiter (recruiters can hunt for talent via posting jobs and receiving applications to either reject and shortlist right on the mobile application).

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