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Why Afripay Might Be The Next Big

When Bitcoin started in 2009, most people were skeptical about it. Even most of those who invested in it did so because of the fear of missing out. At present, Bitcoin is worth close to $55,000.

Although a lot of people regret not buying Bitcoin when it came out, even at that, we cannot rewind time to live in the past. But there is good news, the next big Bitcoin is right before you. Are you ready to have a thorough look into why Afripay might be the next big Bitcoin? Let’s get into it.

The History and Uniqueness of Afripay
Afripay is a fast-rising Pan African cryptocurrency payment solution. Moreover, it is the first of its kind throughout the continent of Africa. The African traditional payment system is flawed in so many ways. It is beset with many weaknesses that hinder swift and easy payment in several instances. The problems include high transaction fees, fiat inflation, heavy tax among others.

Seeing all these plights, a group of innovative cryptocurrency and FinTech players and business owners came together late last year—October 2020—to bring an end to these payment hardships. The founding team members were Saleem Duma, Siya Siyabonga, and Dozie Onwughalu. They conceived this idea and shared it with other bright minds
who came on board to join the bigger team.

Afripay is moving with a huge velocity to help out every African with her payment solution. Because of the uniqueness of her mission, the engineering team of Afripay
had to take their time as it took them an aggregate of three months to design and make the website, Apay coins, Afri Wallet, and Afri Hardware Wallet. Throughout April 2021, the team will be raising funds and making the project larger. Thus, Afripay has come to Abridge the gap of cryptocurrency payment solution in Africa from;
• diaspora to Africa
• from Africa to diaspora
• between businesses & entrepreneurs in Africa
• international clients to African freelancers

The utility token and coin of Afripay is the Apay Coin; a decentralized payment protocol. The Apay Coin was built on the Binance Smart chain. To understand better: BNB is to Binance what Apay Coin is to Afripay. This is how Afripay works: when a user purchases a cryptocurrency as payment, Afripay will process it into either the usual fiat or the wrapped version of that coin; as the person wishes.

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The essence of the wrapped version is to protect the user from cryptocurrency volatility. That is, the value with which the payee sent the coins is the value the recipient will receive; irrespective of the market ups and downs within that period.

Afripay has two different wallets; all for the best user experience. They are Afriwallet and Afri Hard Wallet respectively.
Afriwallet is the online wallet app where you can buy or store your Apay Coins and any other one that the platform supports. It is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can download it on your phones, whether you use Android or iOS.

On the other hand, the Afri Hard Wallet is an offline tangible wallet to manage and trade your cryptocurrencies. The distinctive feature is that it is more protected and secured because it will save your private keys. However, the Afri Hard Wallet is not available now. But you can pre-order. Indeed, Afripay is the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2021.

The Reasons Afripay Might Be The Next Bitcoin

1. Low Transaction Fee
A bitcoin transaction fee is almost at the level of 18. Most experts are now moving to other altcoins because the gas fee of Bitcoin is getting more insane every day. Whereas, Apay coin costs only a minute gas fee which will create an invoice that goes back to the liquidity providers of the protocol. That is why more people—and especially Africans—are trouping to buy Apay Coins and start trading on Afripay. With the level that Afripay is rising, it might be the next Bitcoin – for real.

2. Cryptocurrency in the grassroots
Bitcoin and some other big-name cryptocurrency are somehow too sophisticated for the Baby Boomers to comprehend, navigate, or used. Not only that, those living or doing businesses in the rural areas cannot afford Bitcoins, neither was it designed for them in the first place. In a way, Bitcoin is too sophisticated. It is that barrier of sophistication that Afripay came to mitigate.

Afripay is not only made for the elites, but also African businesses in the marketplaces, kiosks, and shops. Especially with our offline Afri Hardware Wallet, people will be able to pay by scanning only QR codes. That’s so easy, right? With the population’s high rate of awareness of cryptocurrency in Africa, Afripay is on her way to secure the whole continent; even to the grassroots.

3. The Desire To Be Early Investors
Bitcoin is already an established cryptocurrency that most investors don’t want to pump any further. It is wiser to invest in other altcoins that would generate a huge return in the future.

Some Africans that missed out on Bitcoin in 2010 don’t want to repeat the same mistake with Apay Coins. Therefore, they are ready to pump and invest their fortunes into Afripay where they have the likelihood of becoming a whale in the future.

Elon Musk is only a whale in Bitcoin today because of his investments eight years ago, imagine investing in Afripay —the pan African cryptocurrency—that might make you the next Elon Musk; even bigger.

Although Afripay came about late last year, its popularity has been spreading across the whole African continent because it is solving a unique problem. It is the Pan African cryptocurrency payment solutions that were tailored for Africans.

Most people are curious about why Afripay might be the next big Bitcoin. Indeed, their speculations are correct, after Afripay has conquered Africa and moved on to the larger part of the world, there is no gainsaying that it won’t be a juggernaut to Bitcoin.

Payments should be the next fluid, swift, and easy thing after sliced bread, and that’s what Afripay is here to do. Click here to buy Apay Coins and be an early investor now; don’t miss out!

About Afripay

Afripay Idea was conceived due to the pressing need to bridge the gap between De-Fi and small businesses in Africa to make it easier for small businesses to be able to receive Cryptocurrencies & bitcoin as payments for goods and services. We are on a mission to become the largest crypto payment processor in the African continent, serving industry-leading merchants on the continent. We’re working on a seamless, secure and transparent cryptocurrency payment experience for the hundreds of thousands of Small & Medium Scale businesses in Africa, to enable them grow and scale their businesses using Blockchain technology.

We’re also developing a secure crypto wallet APP built with ease of use in mind. We provide a fully security-audited system that makes it simple to buy and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and BEP20 tokens on your mobile devices.
With Afripay, You can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum & Binance in any amount, from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device as payment for your
goods and services and get direct bank deposits in your own currency for less than 1% settlement charge through our platform.

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