• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Unlocking Leadership Excellence: The TEXEM UK Customized Executive Development Programme

Chinenye Uwanaka

In today’s swiftly evolving business landscape, leadership is at a crossroads, demanding adaptability, transformation, and resilience, particularly in the face of disruptive forces. Survival is no longer enough; leaders must seize the opportunity to thrive in a manner that is agile, influential, and sustainable. The forthcoming Customised Executive Development Programme by TEXEM UK, titled “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes,” has been meticulously designed to meet this pressing need.

Scheduled for November 27 to 30, 2023, at the esteemed Hilton London, this immersive four-day programme is poised to elevate leadership excellence across both the public and private sectors. The TEXEM programme presents an exclusive opportunity to acquire insights, strategies, and tools indispensable for spearheading transformational efforts that leave an indelible mark on businesses and their stakeholders.

Guiding Leaders in a VUCAT World:

In a world characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Turbulence (VUCAT), leaders must not only navigate but also thrive amidst disruptive times. The programme designed by TEXEM empowers participants with a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that await in a world marked by high geopolitical risks and steep inflation. With the guidance of distinguished faculty members, including Professor John Peters, a survivor par excellence and former Prisoner of War, leaders will gain insights into resilience and adaptability.

Champions of Change:

Effective transformation begins with strong leadership. Participants will delve into the role of leaders as catalysts for change, learning to cultivate a growth mindset and challenge assumptions to thrive. Professor Rodria Laline, a Visiting Professor of Harvard, INSEAD, and IESE, will shed light on leadership strategies that drive meaningful and enduring change.

Agility as the Cornerstone for Transformation:

Transformational agility is at the core of this programme. By recognizing agility as the linchpin for change and innovation, participants will develop the skills and connections necessary to drive transformation effectively. Executives will discover how to effectively foster innovation and redesign business models in an ever-evolving global and local economy.

Crafting Strategies for Profitable Growth:

In an increasingly challenging and austere global economy, the ability to inspire effective choices, action, and strategic positioning is paramount. The programme will provide insights into how to infuse human agility and unleash sustainable competitive advantages in an increasingly digitally disruptive world. Participants will gain a profound understanding of driving organisation-wide change by instilling agile mindsets, nurturing a culture of transformation, and setting clear milestones.

Pioneering Sustainable Outcomes:

The ultimate goal of any transformation is to achieve sustainable outcomes. This programme will equip leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to steer their organisations toward enduring success while staying true to their core purpose.

Key Benefits of the Programme:

Upon completion of the “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes” programme, participants can expect:

• The ability to effectively lead, communicate, and drive transformative change.

• A deeper understanding of the change process and disruptive mega-trends.

• The capacity to manage the complexities of change while remaining loyal to the organisation’s purpose.

• The adoption of an agile and sustainable mindset for leading transformation.

• A profound insight into the drivers of digitalization and their impact on business transformation.

Who Should Attend:

This programme is custom-tailored for senior leaders in both private and public sector organisations currently leading or preparing for transformational change initiatives. Additionally, core members of change management teams within the same organisation are strongly encouraged to attend together. Attendees may include:

▪ CEOs
▪ Executive Directors
▪ Chairs of Boards
▪ Chief Strategy Officers
▪ Chief Information Officers
▪ Chief Financial Officers
▪ Directors
▪ Heads of Departments
▪ Managing Directors
▪ Senior Vice Presidents
▪ Global Strategy & Transformation Managers
▪ Operations Directors
▪ Account Directors
▪ Innovation Directors


The programme features an illustrious lineup of esteemed and distinguished faculty members who leverage TEXEM’s proven methodology. Each brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to foster a rich and immersive learning experience. Notable faculty members include:

▪ Professor John Peters: Former Prisoner of War and survivor par excellence, with extensive experience as Chair of MBAs.

▪ Professor Rodria Laline: A Visiting Professor of Harvard, INSEAD, and IESE, and Chair of Intrabond Capital.

▪ Professor Paul Griffith: The world’s first Professor of Management to lead a team in launching a rocket into space.


Some of TEXEM UK’s previous delegates gave inspiring testimonials after participating in the programmes; “…The program has been very interesting, exciting, facilitated knowledge sharing and it has actually brought about a greater insight into what leadership is…” – Akinwunmi Lawal, MD/CEO of NPF Microfinance Bank PLC.

“Wow! It’s so fully packed and the quality of the faculty is second to none… I think the quality of their presentation really got to me. I’ve realized… that practical and operational issues can be left to the middle level officers in the organisation while I focus more on the strategy to deliver and make my organisation better able to achieve its objective.” – Edu Oluwatoyin, Bank Examiner, Deputy Director, CBN, Lagos”I’ve enjoyed the presentations of the consultants. I’ve enjoyed the practicability of the consultants. They bring in life examples in all their presentations…” – Otunba Sonya Ogunkuade, Hon. Commissioner and Special Assistant to the President.

In a world where transformation is not an option but a necessity, “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes” is your gateway to unlock leadership excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to thrive in the digital age. Join us at the Hilton London from November 27 to 30, 2023, and embark on a journey toward a more agile, sustainable, and purpose-driven future for your organisation.