• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Unleashing Nigeria’s innovative tech founders: 50 Trailblazers driving invention and inspiration


Nigeria’s tech ecosystem has witnessed an unprecedented surge of inventive energy in recent years, driven by visionary individuals who have dedicated their talents to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

These trailblazers have not only transformed the Nigerian startup scene but have also captured global attention with their groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. In this special feature, we present the top 50 innovative Nigerian tech founders, showcasing their relentless pursuit of excellence, creative solutions, and their role in inspiring the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Sabistation Media, NairaDay.ng and RankBank.org have released a list of the top 50 most innovative tech founders, as selected by a special board.

The board consisted of top tech bloggers and enthusiasts, who carefully curated the list based on the founders’ inventions and helpful platforms towards solving business challenges.

According to Ediale Kingsley, managing director of Sabistation Media and Publisher of NairaDay.ng, some of these founders have gone to dominate the world with their invention and are now more of a global brand. Others are doing their little bit to achieve the global status. “We are recognizing them with this careful ranking to enable them grow. This is not an endorsement just a recognition of the fact that they are doing awesome stuff and we see their impact”.

Regardless of categories, the selected founders have one thing in common – they have a product or a platform or a business that is innovatively solving problems for the mass people. “We have carefully selected these founders on this list because we believe that their works and projects are a blessing to humanity” says Mike Osunbor, Rank Bank director.

The list, which is in no particular order, includes global product founders such as Bosun Tijani – CcHub, Jason Njoku – iROKOtv, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji – Flutterwave, Oluyomi Ojo – Printivo, Shola Akinlade – Paystack, Sim Shagaya – Konga, Tayo Oviosu – Paga, Mark Essien – Hotels.ng, Emeka Okoye – Cymantiks, and Funke Opeke – MainOne.
In the world of tech innovation in Nigeria, several remarkable founders and their ventures have emerged, revolutionizing various sectors and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

One such trailblazer is Okeoghene Orhosere, the Founder and CEO of SenexPay, Africa’s first locally built world-class cryptocurrency exchange. SenexPay has gained recognition for its user-friendly mobile app, providing a secure and seamless platform for trading and storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. With over half a billion dollars processed for its customers, SenexPay aims to simplify the crypto experience for both enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

On a mission to bridge the housing deficit in Nigeria and beyond, Havana prime company Ltd stands as a driving force in the real estate development industry. Egu Testimony Omini, the Founder of Havana prime, leads a qualified team dedicated to delivering unparalleled value through tech innovation. Challenging the norm and questioning the status quo, Havana prime strives to set the pace for a better Nigeria. With a visionary mindset and relentless effort, they are committed to realizing the dream of providing quality housing and transforming the real estate landscape.

In addition to SenexPay and Havana prime, several other tech founders have made their mark in Nigeria’s innovative ecosystem. Yola, led by CEO and co-founder Osetohame Matthew Agbonyeme and co-founder Ihiese Aigbogun, specializes in contactless business cards powered by NFC technology. Yola’s smart business card solutions simplify networking and offer a convenient and efficient way to exchange digital contact information. With Rikozone Technology, founded by Rikome Success Erezi, businesses have access to software solutions that optimize processes and drive growth across various sectors, including finance, education, e-commerce, and more.

Fusion block labs, founded by Jerry Matti and Ayo Orekoya, is a venture studio at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to solve everyday problems. Their flagship product, Metadapp, provides users with actionable insights by exploring blockchain data. Fusion block labs has received significant pre-seed funding from global venture capitalists and angel investors, positioning them to seize opportunities in the trillion-dollar blockchain market. Digital Focus, founded by Adeshina Ajayi, is a blockchain consulting and certification company, serving top institutions across various sectors. With their expertise, Digital Focus has certified thousands of Blockchain Experts in Nigeria, making significant contributions to the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology.

NetEng Solutions, founded by Emmanuel Oluwaseun Alamu, offers comprehensive IT solutions to enhance business efficiency and competitiveness. With a focus on innovative technologies and exceptional customer service, NetEng Solutions equips businesses with the necessary tools for operational improvement and digital transformation.

These tech founders and their ventures embody the inventive energy and inspiration driving Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. Through their vision, dedication, and innovative solutions, they are shaping industries, transforming lives, and positioning Nigeria as a hub of technological advancement and entrepreneurship.
The list showcases the diversity and richness of African brains and minds and encourages entrepreneurs to be inspired.

Here are the top 50 selected in no particular order:
Bosun Tijani – CcHub, Jason Njoku – iROKOtv, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji – Flutterwave, Oluyomi Ojo – Printivo, Shola Akinlade – Paystack, Sim Shagaya – Konga, Tayo Oviosu – Paga, Mark Essien – Hotels.ng, Emeka Okoye – Cymantiks, Funke Opeke – MainOne, Chika Nwobi – L5Lab, Dele Bakare – Disk & DAT Technologies, Gossy Ukanwoke – Beni American University, Judith Okonkwo – Imisi 3D, Nkemdilim Begho – FutureSoft, Jessica Hope – Wimbart, Bankole Oluwafemi – Big Cabal Media, Opeyemi Awoyemi – Jobberman, Ijeoma Oguegbu – KJK Africa, Nkem Okocha – Mama Moni Limited, Temie Giwa-Tubosun – LifeBank, Seun Onigbinde – BudgIT, Onipinsaiye Tomiwa Henry – Aimtoget Technology Limited…

More founders and platforms include:

Emmanuel Oluwaseun Alamu – NetEng Solutions, Okeoghene Orhosere – SenexPay, Osetohame Matthew Agbonyeme and Ihiese Aigbogun – Yola, Egu Testimony Omini- Havana prime, Jerry Matti & Ayo Orekoya – Fusion block labs, Rikome Success Erezi – Rikozone Technology, Adeshina Ajayi – Digital Focus, Kayode Alabi – Travvly. Chijioke Dozie – Carbon (formerly Paylater), Chuka Ofili – Delivery Science, Andrew Airelobhegbe – OgaVenue, Gbenga Sesan – Paradigm Initiative, Odunayo Eweniyi – PiggyVest, Olumide Soyombo – Bluechip Technologies, Tomi Davies – Lagos Angel Network, Yele Bademosi – Bundle Africa, Aderemi Ojekunle – Foodlocker, Mark Ighile – Kwaba…

Maya Horgan Famodu – Ingressive Capital, Simeon Ononobi – SimplePay, Collins Onuegbu – Sasware, Abiola Olaniran – Gamsole, Oluwatobi Ajayi – Jetheights Services Limited, Gbenga Odegbami – First Atlantic Semiconductors and Microelectronics, Eloho Omame – Amari, Amina Ibrahim – Farmers Pride, Chris Kwekowe – Slatecube, Shola Ladoja – Simply Green Juice, Adetayo Bamiduro – Max.ng, Bolaji Olagunju – Chroma,
According to NairaDay.ng, this initial list is subject to further review at the annual Rank Bank event, which takes place on October 22nd each year. Publisher Ediale Kingsley expressed the intention to explore and evaluate additional crucial factors related to tech platforms. The ultimate goal is to identify the top 22 tech platforms, which will be officially revealed during the Rank Bank event.