Top 3 Investments in 2021

Everyone wants to make profits. Everyone likes more money. Since the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of industries have been suffering and investment trends have changed as people look for new ways to make money.

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are always looking out for the next big thing. If you keep an eye out for recent developments in different industries, making a smart investment in 2021 is not as difficult as most people think. All you need to do is choose the investment opportunity that suits you best, stay focused, dedicated and with a little more research and knowledge you should be able to make a great investment that will give you surprisingly good returns.#

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Real Estate

Needless to say, investing in real estate has always been a smart investment, perhaps the smartest. The best thing about investing in real estate is that the value of your assets will almost never fall down, and even if it does there is a very good chance that it will go back up pretty soon.

Real estate is considered to be a very stable and safe investment everywhere in the world. There are many different ways through which you can make money with real estate. You could rent out your property, or you could renovate and upgrade the property before selling it to make huge profits.

Making profits through real estate is extremely effective. However, it is important to remember that because the demand for real estate is almost always high, you will need to have to invest a pretty huge amount before you can start making profits. Moreover, factors like location, size and cosmetic condition of the property can also play an important part in determining how profitable your real estate investment will be.


Bitcoin has single handedly managed to shake the global financial industry. The first ever cryptocurrency was launched in 2009 and to this day it is the most well-known cryptocurrency. Most people think about Bitcoin when they hear the word cryptocurrency. They are not aware of the other cryptocurrencies available in the crypto market.

The good news is that in the last few years Bitcoin has experienced massive growth and it is because of this growth that ordinary crypto traders became millionaires. The price value of Bitcoin a few years ago was less than $1,000. Today, the price value of Bitcoin sits around $35,000. It is true that Bitcoin provides both investors and traders with enormous profit making opportunities.

However, it is important to remember that Bitcoin, like every other cryptocurrency, has a volatile nature. The price value of Bitcoin is almost always fluctuating. However, those who invest with a trading platform that offer automated trading systems, such as Bitiq, don’t really have to worry about this. Such platforms collect data by taking into account different factors that can have an impact on the price value of Bitcoin before automatically performing trades on behalf of the users. This is very helpful, especially for those who have little experience and knowledge of the crypto market.

Crypto enthusiasts believe that the price value of one Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in a few years. So it might be a good idea to buy Bitcoin and “hodl” onto it for a longer period of time. Fortunately, you can buy a fraction of Bitcoin so you can start with a small investment. You don’t need to buy one whole Bitcoin to get started.

Electric Vehicles

Finally, we will now look at what has been referred to as the future of the automotive industry. In the last few years, electric vehicles have had a huge surge in popularity. Countries like Denmark are looking to ban petrol and diesel cars to promote the sales of electric vehicles. Other countries are expected to join hands with Denmark’s efforts in order to deal with air pollution and climate change.

The technology and electric vehicles are already out there, you might have even seen an electric-only vehicle somewhere. However, these vehicles are still a little expensive but their potential for growth in the future is what makes them the perfect candidate. You could invest in stocks and buy shares of an electric vehicle company that looks promising to you. Remember that this kind of investment would be a long-term investment and you might have to wait several years before you can make serious amounts of profits.


Remember that your focus should be on what best suits you. If you think you don’t have the time or the funds required to invest in electric cars or real estate, you could invest in an automated platform and start making profits through Bitcoin.

If you already have a job and want to make extra money, you could invest in a side business. For instance, if you already have a truck or a van, you could provide moving services in your neighborhood on the weekends. Families and individuals are always looking for local moving services to help them with relocating and moving items from one place to another.

It is important that you do proper research, calculate the risks and the rewards before you make any investment at all.


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