• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Top 10 psychology tricks used by casinos & online casinos

Emerging Markets within the online casino industry

Have you wondered what it is that makes land-based and casino sites not on Gamstop so captivating and fascinating for some? Why do people get so hooked on it?
Casinos have many tricks and tricks that they use to make players stay longer. There are probably hundreds of ways to manipulate the human mind, but here we have extracted the 10 most commonly used by casinos around the world.
1. No clocks, Windows or Changes
Out of sight, out of mind. Non GamStop casinos are designed to make time disappear, or rather; to make players forget it exists and stay in there longer. Inside a casino’s doors, there are no clocks on the walls or screens for that matter, nor are there any windows to look out of. Unless you follow the clock on your mobile or your wrist, you will have nothing to orient your time by. So you might have been there two hours or five, who knows…
2. Weird Carpets
The next time you enter a casino, or watch one on TV, notice the carpets. Because they are always ugly. They should be ugly. The rugs are often designed with colours that don’t match and with tiresome, asymmetrical patterns that almost hurt to look at. They do this to keep the players awake and happy, in the hope that they play more and look at the table or slot machine than their surroundings. After all, a rug that was pleasant to look at and that you could rest your eyes on risks people discovering that they feel tired. This is a good reason to avoid it!
3. Bright lights and winning sounds
Both the sound and light levels are at the same level throughout the day, done on purpose so that the body does not notice the difference between the hours. Background noise from enthusiastic players and dealers, sound effects from slot machines and flashing coloured lights keep players happy and upbeat. “Perhaps I’ll be the winner next time…” The light level in the ceiling is adjusted almost like daylight, to keep you awake and alert – no matter how dark it is outside. It works in the same way as the bedside lamps, which gradually get brighter in the morning and mimic a sunrise. Only that there is midnight sun all year round.
4. The Building Is Like a Maze
Entering a casino is like entering a maze. The walls have illogical angles, the toilets aren’t where you’d think they were, and just when you thought you’d found the exit, you were at the wrong end. The aim (and result) of this is that it is more difficult to find the way out again than it was to find the way in. Maybe you stop and test another game on the way out or grab a free drink and feel like playing more.
5. Service Points Are Strategically Located
Are you hungry after all the gaming? Or need to go to the toilet? As already mentioned, a casino is designed like a maze. Service points are strategically placed far inside the building. They are not hard to find, but if you thought you were going to leave the casino after being there, you are forced to go back, through a sea of eye-catching and tempting entertainment. The hope is that you will spontaneously choose to make one last bet before leaving the building.
6. Free Food & Alcohol
How to tempt people to come to a party, and stay there for a long time? Free food of course, and not least drinks. Alcohol affects us, among other things, by dulling our senses and making us worry less. Also when we play. Players under the influence of alcohol generally take more chances and make poorer decisions than in a sober state. This increases the chance for the casino to win if the players drink. In short: Free alcohol increases the house’s advantage!
7. Digital Credits of Non GamStop Casinos & Chips
As soon as you deposit coins on a slot machine or video poker machine, your cash is converted into digital credits. When you don’t have to add coins every time you “pull the lever”, it’s easy to forget how much you spend. Just like swiping the card in the store; the money disappears without you ever touching it or seeing it. Even when you win a prize and cash it out, the money comes out in the form of a receipt. Since the receipt doesn’t look like money either, it’s much easier mentally to play for the slip of paper at another game than it would be if you used banknotes.
And the only way for you to exchange the receipt for actual money? You must go to the reception. The non GamStop casino makes it very easy to spend money, but ending the game, on the other hand, requires more effort…
8. Everyone Can See It When You Win
When a player wins the jackpot in a non GamStop casino, it’s hard not to get carried away. The sound effects stop completely when someone wins a jackpot. The winner himself of course cheers. He seeks out employees or to congratulate and guide them (in anything but a discreet way). Because when you see someone else winning, it’s natural to think “if this person can win, so can I”. Then you keep trying some more, even though you might be heading for the exit (or about to start looking for it).
9. Benefits for Big Players
Just like with free food and drink, the casino can find extra freebies for the big players (those who bet a lot and play for a long time), or the “whales” as Ocean calls them. Players are rewarded for loyalty, with free luxury hotel suites, tickets to concerts and other shows, expensive dinners and so on. So what if you lose mass, if you get all this for free? They treat you like a king! You don’t have to think about how much you’ve played for versus how much these goodies are worth. The feeling of luxury is there anyway.
10. Higher Oxygen Levels
It is said that some casinos pump extra oxygen into the air, from hidden pressure tanks. With extra oxygen in the lungs, people feel more energetic and often happier. The aim of this is to get the players to play more and to play longer. Some have taken the rumour so far that pheromones have also been added to the air, which triggers a feeling of euphoria and can affect the players in the same way as the extra oxygen. True or not, think about it the next time you enter a casino. Maybe it could be true?