• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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TEXEM UK congratulates alumnus Ann Iyonu on prestigious Yale Fellowship


TEXEM UK, a leading consulting organisation dedicated to promoting excellence and societal development, is thrilled to celebrate her alumnus Ann Iyonu, the Executive Director of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, on being selected as one of the 16 prestigious Global Yale Fellows.

This recognition is a testament to Ann’s outstanding contributions to humanity and exemplary societal leadership. Ann Iyonu participated in and completed the TEXEM executive development programme Building Resilient Organisations for sustainable success, which held between August 22-24, 2022, in Birmingham, UK.

The Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program at Yale University is renowned for its commitment to fostering global leadership and promoting internationalism. As a core element of Yale’s ongoing dedication to nurturing leaders who can drive positive change worldwide, the programme has become synonymous with excellence and impact.

Thus, Ann Iyonu’s selection as a Global Yale Fellow is a momentous achievement for Nigeria and the continent of Africa for recognising her remarkable achievements, strategic leadership and unwavering commitment to making society a better place. Throughout her career, Ann has consistently displayed initiative, resilience, dynamism, and a vibrant spirit that has propelled her forward in her endeavours.

Her exceptional dedication to helping society and unwavering support for security, good governance, democracy, and societal betterment make her an outstanding leader.

While attending the TEXEM programme, she actively participated and portrayed impressive emotional intelligence and ability to think critically, infectious drive, commendable capacity to multitask and inestimable capability to inspire.

TEXEM UK firmly believes that this prestigious global recognition will serve as a catalyst, inspiring Ann Iyonu to continue her remarkable work and make an even more significant impact on society. With this fellowship, Ann has been bestowed with an extraordinary opportunity to expand her influence, network, and knowledge, further empowering her to drive positive change on a global scale.

Ann’s selection as a Global Yale Fellow reflects positively on the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, an organisation dedicated to advancing democracy, good governance, and peace across Africa. Her accomplishments highlight the Foundation’s commitment to fostering leadership and excellence in the service of humanity.

TEXEM UK congratulates Ann Iyonu, her family, and her friends on this momentous achievement. We are confident that this recognition will only fuel her passion and determination, motivating her to mentor more high-impact leaders who will join her in shaping a brighter future.

Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder of TEXEM, UK, says “that this global recognition of Ann Iyonu for her sterling qualities, impressive potential, and the positive difference she makes and will make in the future is a call for more service to humanity.

Ann exemplifies the principle that hard work, dedication, altruism and societal leadership will always result in an enduring legacy. We hope her success thus far will spur her to do more and inspire others to emulate her”.

As Ann embarks on this prestigious fellowship journey starting in August, TEXEM UK cheers her on, offering our unwavering support and encouragement. Together, we will continue to work tirelessly towards creating a better society that upholds the values of security, good governance, and democracy that we all hold dear.

Once again, congratulations to Ann Iyonu on this well-deserved honour. Her dedication and leadership is celebrated, and we eagerly anticipate more remarkable contributions she will make during her time as a Global Yale Fellow and beyond.