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Tangerine Term Life insurance plan: Protecting your loved ones in uncertain times

In times of uncertainty, like the world is facing now, it is important to protect ourselves and the people we love.

Life is always, uncertain, however in times of crises, that uncertainty increases exponentially. This is where Tangerine Life comes in. The Tangerine Term Life Insurance plan is designed for times like this – it provides insurance cover for a period of one year by guaranteeing a fixed payout of N1 million to your beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of your demise.

Our Term Life product gives your REAL cover

For example – John knows how easily, he could get sick during the pandemic. He has a wife and children still in school. He knows they would find it hard to survive economically if he dies. So, he takes a term life insurance cover for 12 months to protect them.

The Tangerine Term Life insurance plan offers you the following benefits:

– Guaranteed payout of N1 million
– Instant life insurance cover
– One-off affordable premium payment
– Cover up to 12 months.

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Despite the current situation in the country, all our processes are fully functional via our digital platforms. This means we are available to serve you with the same level of efficiency and excellence 24/7. You can initiate your claims process by sending an email to
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