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Putting Smile On Client’s Face Inspires Me- Godson Umeh

Putting Smile On Client’s Face Inspires Me- Godson Umeh:

Godson Umeh is the brain behind GODSONTHEPLUG; an independent British-Nigerian Jeweler. In this interview, the young and successful entrepreneur takes us through the motions that led up to starting the jewelry business at a very young age as well as share the pros and cons of bankrolling the jewelry business around the world and more.

If we were in the 90s, would you still take the bold step to invest in the jewelry business?

Yes. Jewelry business back then was the main thing and at that time, you would hardly come across fake jewelers but today, it’s a whole new story.

What inspires you? 

Everything about fashion and putting smiles on the faces of my clients around the world inspires me. When I sleep at night, my dreams would always be about the piece I should make next. I love what I do because getting to see beautiful and stunning things almost all the time is wonderful and satisfying. Getting to start my own brand as an entrepreneur definitely wasn’t easy and I wasn’t expecting it to be, but thinking of the freedom that comes with it and being my own boss is awesome, nothing inspires me more than this.

What’s your target market in the jewelry fashion industry?

My target is conquering the world in general with my brand name. But first of all, we start from my immediate space.

At what point did you figure out you would go into jewelry business?

When I was much younger I always loved to sell unique pieces or anything at all to my friends, this combined with my passion for fashion made me go into the fashion industry.

Being a jeweler, what is your major goal?

My main goal is satisfying my customers and making sure there is a sense of satisfaction when they see what I have made for them. Making sure my clients look exquisite is part of my deal, knowing how to produce what your client wants is key to successful business. I definitely have bigger plans for my brand. I have plans on going global; especially in the United States, Nigeria and other parts of the world. You’re never fully dressed without a piece of accessory here and there.

What has challenged you the most since you joined the industry?

I wouldn’t really call any challenge “Major”.

Are you a big risk taker? 

Yes, I love to take risks, I don’t always mind the outcome because to me, no regrets, only lessons.

How would you say the general economy has affected the fashion industry and vice versa?

The economy has greatly affected Fashion due to the situation of the country. You virtually pay for everything you do and to my greatest knowledge that is not what it’s meant to be but I put everything to God to take control. The fashion industry has at least been a source of employment for many, thereby reducing unemployment rate around the world.

What was your growing up like?

I was born and raised in Reading, United Kingdom, though my parents originally hail from Anambra. I also schooled in the UK and I left school at 16. I am the second of three siblings and both my parents are alive. As at 20, I had already started selling stuff to my friends, anything at all they needed they called me for it, that was how my brand name ‘Godson The Plug’ came about. I’ve always had the zeal to be in the fashion industry, especially jewelries. I work round the clock, that is I do not have a particular time off, I just keep working because I love what I do.

What’s your history with football?

Yes, I did have a history with football but I had to follow my heart which is to become a celebrity jeweler. Notwithstanding, I still love football.

What’s your relationship with your customers, especially the major ones you have worked with?

I have a very wonderful relationship with them because I tend to satisfy and make them really happy. Sometimes we even have fun together. I have had the opportunity to work with a couple of prominent individuals and we have built a good relationship base from the onset. I’ve worked with the likes of Lateysha Grace, Raheem Sterling of Manchester City Club, Eva Apio, Jayden Bogle, Owen Otasowie, Jonathan Panzo and Trevor Chalobah. They have always trusted and believed my delivery.

What’s your prediction of the fashion economy in 5-years?

The fashion economy is growing, trust me, in the next five years we will even have more major jewelers around the world. But then, 5-years for me, I know my brand will be one to be reckoned with all over the world.

What are your last words for people around the world?

Like Burna Boy’s mum did while representing him at an international award show, she said; “Every black person should remember you were Africans before becoming anything else.” I also wish to encourage every young individual to keep striving because the end of the tunnel is brighter than the road leading to it. The business experiences and lessons I’ve gotten so far have brought me massive growth. So, wherever I see myself tomorrow, I know God placed me there. My dedication and sacrifice to work, plus grace, keeps me going.

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