• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Pushing Boundaries with Innovation, Founder/CEO Jeroid LTD ranks among Nigeria Top Business CEOs


Jeremiah Mayowa, founder and CEO of Jeroid Ltd has been recognised as one of Nigeria’s Top 25 Business CEOs.

The award is an esteemed recognition of the young founder’s exceptional leadership and innovative mindset.

The Jeroid App, developed by Jeroid Ltd, has revolutionized the fintech industry, particularly in cryptocurrency trading. It solves a prevalent problem by making Cryptocurrency trading easier and more accessible, while maintaining security, Its features, such as Generating a Personalized Crypto Wallets, Buying and Selling of Crypto, Redeem Unused Giftcards for Naira, and Paying utilities, have empowered users to confidently navigate the cryptocurrency market.

Jeroid Ltd has experienced remarkable growth in the past six years, thanks to your strategic vision and unwavering commitment. Your ability to solve customer needs and deliver innovative solutions has driven the company’s success.

As Jeroid Ltd continues to expand its reach, we anticipate even greater milestones and achievements. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved recognition, and may Jeroid Ltd continue to shape the fintech landscape for years to come!

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Website: https://www.jeroid.ng/