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One Doctor’s business model is solving global healthcare problems for free

In the business world today, many companies focus on making good revenue without offering a scaled-down free version of their service or product.

However, a free service helps users test what brands offer without any financial commitment, users only pay to unlock extra features but the basic features are accessible for free. This is particularly important for Saas products that depend on monthly subscriptions. Users fall in love with the free service and happily pay monthly to enjoy a fully-featured product.

One Doctor, a health tech product offers two main services, users can ask doctors health questions online, and find a health professional near them for an appointment. These two helpful services are available on the platform for free.

On the pricing, the founder, Dr. Omiete Charles-Davies had this to say: “We decided that our software has to be accessible to everyone, no matter where you are or how much you have in your pocket. From a user’s standpoint, you can ask a doctor a health question and get a direct answer in your inbox completely free. Also, a user can find a doctor near them, sort by specialty or insurance, and book an appointment without paying a dime. What we offer uses in our premium service is the ability to ask our doctors as many questions every month. This service costs about 9 USD a month.

For doctors, we allow you to list your practice with your awards and certifications completely free. We also promote you without a charge, your profile will appear among top specialists in your city. Apart from this, you can set your availability on your dashboard and receive appointment bookings. We also remind you of each appointment you get a day before the time, so that you can prepare appropriately. All of these are free. We only charge doctors to unlock an unlimited number of appointment bookings on our site. This unlimited plan costs each doctor about 99 USD a month.”

One Doctor’s business model solves two major healthcare challenges for free: access to qualified specialists and correct health information. Instead of using asking around or asking to be referred to specialists by your primary care doctor, you can book an appointment on a date and time you prefer, directly from the One Doctor dashboard. Instead of using search engines to find health information, you can ask a doctor directly and get a detailed explanation in your inbox without paying any money.

For doctors, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars advertising, you can simply register here and get promoted for free. Your first appointment received is also without any charge. This helps doctors focus on providing excellent patient experiences and removes the need to have bogus advertising teams and a big budget.

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