NNPC E&P and NOSL foster a ‘culture of well-being’ through their public health drive

High-quality health services involve the right care, at the right time. A healthy society is a sustainable society, which is why Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Exploration and Production (NNPC E&P) and Natural Oilfield Services Limited (NOSL) launched a healthcare drive to uplift the people of host communities and monitor the overall health matters and in addressing specific health issues.

On 29th of November 2022 at Tevoli Hotel, Eket, NNPC E&P and NOSL distributed Sonography Machine, Mosquito Kit, Malaria Testing Kit, Diabetic Testing Kit/Glucometer & Strip, RDT Kit, Portable Machine, Weighing Scale, Basic Antibiotics, etc. in the community Primary Health Centres of Eastern Ebolo, Onna, IkotAbasi, MkpatEnin, and Ibeno. This medical equipment is provided to 30 community Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in Iko, Okoroette, Ikonta/Obianga, Amauka, Okoroinyang, Emeroeke, Amadaka, Atabrikang 1, Abat, Ikwe, Ikot Udo, Ikot Nkan, Edemaya, Essene, Ikot Ekera, Ikot Okwo, Ikot Akpaden, Ibekwe Akpan Nya, Ikot Akata, Ikot Idiong, Ukpenekang, Atabrikang, Ntafri, Akata and Okpolum.

At the event, Group Captain (retd) EteteEkpo, Base Manager, NOSL said,“The medical equipment distributed will help people streamline their lifestyle. These medical items will not only add value to everyone’s life but also send out a positive message to all the Local Government Areas. Such initiatives also create health awareness among people, and I look forward to more such events. A healthy society is a happy society”.

Delivering quality healthcare services is a long-term vision of NNPC E&P and NOSL.Both NNPC E&P and NOSL strive to upgrade the condition of the community PHCs for achieving excellence in delivering a healthy regime to the people of its host communities.

Ms.Atim Asuquo Ulo, Director of Physical Health Centre (PHC), Eastern Obolosaid, “Access to healthcare services is essential and I thank the management of NNPC E&P and NOSL for supporting the local PHCs with the medical equipment. This is a genuine gesture and I appreciate the culture of well-being they are encouraging through this initiative”.

NNPC E&P and NOSL ensure sustainable development programmes are extended within the areas they operate. The companies follow hands-on approaches to demonstrate enduring commitment while maintaining a cordial relationship with host communities.