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Montaigne Place launches new luxury fragrance “Apex” By Roja Parfums In Lagos, Nigeria

Montaigne Place launches new luxury fragrance “Apex” By Roja Parfums In Lagos, Nigeria

On Thursday 8th of September 2022, The Montaigne Place, Nigeria’s largest luxury Skincare, Cosmetic, and Fragrance retail company Launched “Apex”, a new Floral and Chypre fragrance for both Men and Women curated by its founder British perfume maker.

Roja Parfums intends to step up the luxury fragrance shopping experience in Nigeria. The experience with Roja Apex begins with the square-shaped bottle itself, with a black into green ombre effect from top to bottom. On the black cap is the Roja Dove stamp of approval which sits below a sharp cap.

Inside of this dark and mysterious bottle is Roja Apex, a fragrance that begins with a citrus-based top consisting of zesty Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin and refreshing Orange. Down in the heart is the floral pairing of Jasmine and Citrus alongside exotic Pineapple

Roja said Apex was inspired by “primal instincts”.

“I have always said that we must not forget that we are animals. We’ve been using scent for millions of years to catch food, escape danger, and to find a mate. it is these primal instincts that inspired me to create Apex.”

Celebrating the natural wonders of the world and all who roam it, Apex is fresh, fruity chypré accord with spiritual and sensual undertones.

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Speaking about the perfume, celebrated British perfumer and owner of Roja Parfums, Roja Dove, said, “Apex connects man and nature. The citrus opening represents the beginning of reaching your Apex with a bright blend of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and pineapple.

Base notes of patchouli and fir balsam evoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature, while notes of leather add warmth and sensuality. We have also used sandalwood and frankincense to give it a spiritual feel,” He continues.

“Only when we embrace our connection to nature and our innermost instincts can we reach the Apex of our potential, becoming the best version of ourselves”.

Roja Apex is currently only available in a 100ml size and features an atomizer below the cap for 100ml.
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