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Legal History Society of Nigeria 2nd Annual Conference

Legal History Society of Nigeria was set up to encourage the study and advance the knowledge of the history of Nigerian law. The society which was formed in February 2019 is dedicated to enriching and preserving legal history in Nigeria and has a growing membership which is not restricted to legal practitioners.

The objectives include:
1. To promote standards of international best practices in the preservation of Legal History in Nigeria focusing on the Legal History Research, Book Publication, Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops and other related services in Nigeria;
2. To promote the acquisition of requisite knowledge and skill of legal history in Nigeria by relevant professionals internationally through sensitization of the general public and to encourage research and publications for the promotion and development of Legal History that meet with international best practices;
3. To raise awareness of Nigeria’s Legal History to the public from its sources of laws including commercial laws, criminal codes, and spanning to customs of its indigenous people;
4. To raise awareness of the Supreme Judicial Powers of Nigeria vested in the various courts and tribunals established under the Nigerian Constitution and other Laws;
5. To raise awareness to the public on the history of the impact of military intervention in Nigeria’s political development and its mark on the country’s Legal History;
6. To do and carry out studies, surveys, seminars, lectures, research, and other forms of information and or in collaboration with other persons for the purposes of developing and preserving enriched information of Nigerian Legal History;
7. To confer, consult, maintain contact with and cooperate with any persons, associations, societies, institutions and bodies of persons established in Nigeria or elsewhere having objectives in whole or part similar to those of the Association in respect of matters within the objects of the Association;
8. To offer and/or provide information on legal history education globally;
9. To promote and develop on behalf of members public relations programs designed to inform the general public about legal history and to give a proper appreciation of its background;
10. To advance the theory and awareness of legal history in all its aspects;
11. To apply for membership of and to cooperate with national and international bodies representing the interest of preserving Nigerian Legal History.

The society’s membership is open to attendance by legal practitioners, judges, politicians, members of the police service, media personalities, historians, people interested in issues concerning Nigeria’s legal evolution, students, researchers, scholars and the entire public.

The major promoters of the vision of the Legal History Society of Nigeria are Chief Anthony Idigbe SAN, Prof. Fabian Ajogwu SAN, Mr. Edward Keazor and Mr. Supo Sasore SAN.

The Society is hosting its 2nd Annual Conference with the theme: Staying Ahead in a Pandemic: Lessons from the Banking Industry. The Keynote speaker is Prof Chibuike Uche, the chairholder of the Stephen Ellis Chair for the Governance of Finance and Integrity in Africa. Chibuike Uche has extensive research experience in Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone in the fields of political economy, business and financial history, financial institutions regulation and regional integration. His current research interest is foreign business operations in Africa.

The theme for the conference was chosen in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on people, businesses and economies and how the Nigerian banking sector has remained resilient in the face of the pandemic. Prof Uche would be speaking on Businesses and the Central Bank of Nigeria Covid-19 Interventions: Matters Arising.
Panellists were carefully chosen from relevant industries cutting across banking, economists, academia, regulators, etc., to ensure a robust discussion from multiple perspectives.
It promises to be a most insightful, enriching, and enlightening session with long-lasting impact.

To be a part of this conference.

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