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Kwarans jubilant, as Otunya movement takes over

"OTUNYA means “continuity”

Bukola Saraki at a PDP campaign rally in Kwara Source: (@bukola saraki/Twitter)

There were jubilations across the length and breadth of Ilorin, as the PDP’s “Otunya” campaign movement stormed several locations across the metropolis. Several groups of women and youths sang and danced, with several others chanting “OTUNYA” which means, “continuity”. They sang praises to the name of Sen. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Hon. Razak Atunwa, Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed and other PDP leaders and aspirants in the state.

“Otunya” is in acknowledgement of the better wellbeing of the people of Kwara state, under the leadership of Bukola Saraki and a pledge to ensure the continuity of the PDP administration in the state. “Otunya” is more than a mere phrase, it is has generated into a massive movement in Kwara state and it has taken over all nooks and crannies of the state.

It is no gain saying that PDP is truly the party of the people of Kwara, as they trooped out en mass to welcome the “Otunya” movement into their communities. Various roads across the city were filled with people who await the PDP aspirants, hours before their arrival with many of them jubilating joining the entourage on arrival. The atmosphere was surreal and the love shown would give goose pimples to even a neutral observer.

In Danialu- Aduagba area of Ilorin south, about 2000 former APC youths under the aegis of PMB ambassadors defected to the PDP in appreciation of what the PDP has been doing for them and the assurance of better governance and representation by Hon. Razak Atunwa and Dr. Bukola Saraki. There was also a massive reception of the “Otunya” movement in the Balogun Fulani area and Fufu. The “Otunya”  Movement also hit Akanbi wards 1, 2,3,4 and 5 all in Ilorin South local government.

The women were particularly grateful for the various motorized and solar powered boreholes provided in their communities which have helped provide potable water for them and consequently prevent the occurrence of water borne diseases. They also expressed gratitude for the  various educational intervention projects of the state government and senate president which includes blocks of new classrooms and renovation of old ones, supply of notebooks and textbooks, free education at primary and secondary school levels and affordable tertiary institutions.

The youths, some of whom are beneficiaries of several scholarship and empowerment programs of Sen. Bukola Saraki and Gov. Ahmed, expressed their gratitude to the PDP administration and commitment to the “Otunya” movement. They lauded the steady rate of development in their communities and expressed optimism that the state is on the right path to becoming a leading state in social infrastructure and a giant in human capital development with the various empowerment schemes.

As expected, the men who were in large numbers in the various campaign locations were not left out in rejoicing. They also thanked the PDP leadership of Sen. Bukola Saraki for providing an enabling environment for their businesses to thrive.

They promised to shun violence despite the hateful and provocative propaganda of the APC. They therefore, call on security agencies to be watchful of thugs imported into the state from APC led states.

It would be foolhardy for any one within the state to  resist this massive movement, the loyalty and commitment displayed is beyond what money can buy. A Yoruba adage says “Ohun eniyan ni ohun Olorun”. It is obvious the people of Kwara have spoken in one loud and clear voice, saying ” OTUNYA ” .

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